Echo Eliminator - Bass Buster

Bonded Acoustical Cotton Low-frequency Absorber Panels

Echo Eliminator Bass Buster, made from bonded acoustical cotton (B.A.C.), is a cost-effective acoustical absorbing material that excels at low-frequency absorption which is important in industrial, architectural, and pro audio spaces. It is a high-performance acoustical panel manufactured from recycled cotton, and is ideal for any noise control application. Echo Eliminator Bass Buster panels are easily installed with adhesive or used as a backer material, fiberglass free, and may be eligible for LEED™ credits.

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  • Product Specs


    Residential, commercial, industrial; schools, restaurants, classrooms, houses of worship, community centers, offices, conference rooms, music rooms, recording studios, theaters, public spaces, medical facilities, auditoriums, arenas/stadiums, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more.

    Material Composition

    Bonded acoustical cotton (B.A.C.) made from recycled fibers




    1.5 lb. pcf


    Standard Size
    24" x 48"
    Special sizes available, minimum quantities apply, please call for details.



    Installation Method


  • Color Options
    Echo Eliminator – Bass Buster

    Note: Although we take extensive precautions and purge the lines between colors, due to the manufacturing process color inconsistencies – including dye lot variations – flecks, specks, and other slight surface blemishes are unavoidable. Please call for details.

  • Acoustical Specs
    Echo Eliminator – Octave Band Absorption Coefficients
    Panel Thickness / DensityTesting Mount125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1 kHz2 kHz4 kHzNRC Rating
    4″ 1.5 lb. pcfA0.951.301.
  • Accessories & Hardware

    Stick Pin

    Stick pins are often used as mechanical fasteners for overhead installations or to hold panels in place while adhesive is setting. They are strongly recommended for corrugated metal deck or similar applications. Pins and washers are available in both galvanized and stainless steel. Pin lengths are available from 1” to 6” in varying increments. Please call or contact an ASI product specialist for more information.
    Application: Ceiling Panels

    B.A.C. Blade

    8″ round universal table saw toothless blade for field cutting acoustical panels
    Application: Ceiling and Wall Panels


    Insul-Knife hand tool for field cutting acoustical panels
    Application: Ceiling and Wall Panels