Acoustical Surfaces – Who We Are

Acoustical Surfaces – Who We Are Video Transcript

Acoustical Surfaces: Better Sound. Less Noise.

For world-class recording studios

For the finest in-home entertainment spaces

Acoustical Surfaces designs and delivers the best acoustical products based on science, innovation, invention, and art.

We improve sound, anywhere.

Our comprehensive manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping facilities

Allow us to offer a wide range of sound control products to industries, businesses, schools, universities, houses of worship, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, and retail spaces around the country.

Our highly skilled craftsmen apply a beautiful fit-in finish to our stock products, as well as custom projects.

We’ve helped architects, contractors, acousticians, consultants and designers.

Our retail brand offers premium products through Magnolia design centers, Guitar Center Pro and other consumer and pro audio companies.

We make easy to understand videos, showing how acoustics work. And installation videos for our most popular products, like soundproof doors, affordable door seal kits, Amazing media rooms, front walls, beautiful star-filled ceilings and fabric-wrapped acoustic panels. All available on our YouTube channel.

Some of our products feature industry leading design like our Silk Metal Ceiling Tiles and our Curve Diffusors. Our products are available with a great selection of color and finish options offering the perfect match-up for any style.

Whether you’re inside or outside, Acoustical Surfaces products always improve your sound environment.

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