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Soundproofing a Hanger: Acoustical Treatments for Aircraft Hangers

In the bustling environment of a spacious aircraft hangar, managing sound levels and quality is no easy feat. Between the ceaseless hum of the aircraft engine and the constant activity of aircraft maintenance operation and heavy-duty machinery, decibel levels can get distractingly—or even dangerously—loud. To approach the challenge of aircraft hanger noise pollution when designing […]

What Is Tectum

What Is Tectum? Your 101 Guide

Tectum Inc. was founded in 1949 by two engineers hailing from Owens Corning—one of the world’s largest manufacturers of roofing, insulation, and composites materials. Their goal was clear-cut: to create high-quality insulation panels that could enhance the walls, floors, and roofs of buildings everywhere. The fruit of their labor was the tectum panel. Crafted from […]

Alternative Solutions to Wood Fibre Insulation

In recent years, wood fibre insulation has emerged as a popular, eco-friendly option for builders seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional insulation materials. This versatile, man-made insulator can be used in various applications, from walls to roofs, offering an appealing choice for green-minded builders and homeowners. However, wood fibre insulation may not be the ideal insulation […]

wood wool design

Tectum & Wood Wool Uses

Are you in the midst of planning and designing a cutting-edge construction project—one that will accommodate a bustling high-traffic environment teeming with noise? If so, a product like Tectum or Envirocoustic may be an ideal building material for your project’s specific insulation needs. This type of wood wool-based acoustic panel are well-known for their ability […]

How Does Green Glue Soundproofing Work

How Does Green Glue Soundproofing Work?

When it comes to soundproofing a room, the key is to minimize vibrations. This is particularly important in timber-based construction projects—the norm for America—where lightweight dry walls often struggle to provide adequate noise insulation on their own merit, at least compared to projects that use heavier materials like concrete or masonry. Green Glue soundproofing technology […]

do soundproof curtains work

Do Soundproof Curtains Really Work?

In a world filled with noise, finding moments of peace and tranquility can be a challenge. Whether it’s the bustling city streets, noisy neighbors, or constant hum of appliances, unwanted sounds can disrupt our daily lives and hinder our well-being. This is where soundproof curtains come to the rescue. These innovative window treatments offer more […]

call center soundproofing

A Guide to Call Center Soundproofing

When it comes to background noise, call centers experience their fair share. You’ve got a sea of people in conversation with their respective customers all at once. All that movement and chatter leads to problem sound waves that can impact our businesses. If you want to avoid the negative effects, call center soundproofing and acoustical […]

how to use a white noise machine for privacy

How to Use a White Noise Machine for Privacy

Privacy can be hard to come by in our modern world. Nearly every conversation and transaction we conduct is aided by technology. Systems can be exploited, and that info isn’t always secure.  It isn’t all tied to technology, either. Thin walls and close quarters can intensify privacy concerns when we conduct sensitive interactions in person […]

How to Block Road Noise

How to Block Road Noise 101

Whether you’re trying to focus on a specific task or simply enjoy some peace and quiet, road noise can be a nuisance. This can be anything from the sounds of outdoor construction, emergency vehicles with blazing sirens, or dozens of cars honking at each other during heavy rush hour traffic. Even if you’re inside an […]

Soundproofing vs Acoustic Treatment

Soundproofing vs Acoustic Treatment: What You Need to Know

While it may not seem like a big deal at first, persistent noise issues can bring about many negative consequences for your business. If you own a restaurant that isn’t properly outfitted with noise control materials, for instance, your diners could hear disruptive sounds from the kitchen or the traffic outside. If you operate a […]