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How to Control Noise Level in the Cafeteria

Cafeterias have some of the highest noise levels at schools, hospitals, and other facilities where people gather for meals. In fact, school cafeterias, in particular, can get as loud as 100 A-weighted decibels. That’s just about the noise level of a lawnmower or tractor. If you’ve ever visited a busy cafeteria and noticed you could […]

basement soundproofing

Alternatives to Soundproof Wall Paper: Introducing Sheet Rock

Soundproofing makes a huge difference when trying to control the noise level of your restaurant, school, office, or other facility. In fact, across industries, soundproofing a room can come with a number of important benefits, like improving focus, enhancing productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, and even minimizing confidentiality risks. Take, for example, a hospital or clinic […]

School music room

How to Soundproof Music Room Spaces in Schools

Music is an invaluable part of a well-rounded education. In fact, schools with music programs boast higher graduation rates than those without them.1 Additionally, students who take music classes earn higher grade point averages than their peers.1 Since music programs can have such a positive impact on your student body, you may be eager to […]

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How to Soundproof a Bathroom in Large Facilities

In large facilities, such as schools, government buildings, and restaurants, bathrooms can be very noisy. Without the right soundproofing, people outside of the bathrooms may have to listen to toilets flushing, water running, and other distracting sounds. What’s more, people inside the bathrooms may not feel that they have adequate privacy. If you want to […]

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The Best Approach to Soundproofing a Basement Ceiling

Most of us like the sound of adding soundproofing to our interior spaces. It allows us to immerse ourselves in our music and movies without bothering others. It also works the other way around. When we are binging our favorite shows, few things are more annoying than neighborhood noise creeping in. Adding soundproofing materials and […]

How to Block Sound Between Rooms

How to Block Sound Between Rooms

Updated April 27, 2023 Whether it’s a clamoring kitchen or a convivial conference room, most businesses have at least one especially loud area. Ambient noise doesn’t care about the kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create, however, and sound can easily travel between spaces to annoy others. But if you know how to block sound […]

4 Types of Sound Absorbent Materials For Schools

Updated April 27, 2023 Children are precious and hold the future of humanity in their hands—but it’s no secret that they can get loud. School is already hard enough for students (and teachers), but it becomes increasingly difficult when raucous noise interferes with everyone’s ability to concentrate. The World Health Organization (WHO) found excess noise […]

Soundproofing Materials

Your Ultimate Guide to Soundproofing Materials

While pure silence may seem like a fairy tale in our modern, chaotic world, it’s really more of a matter of material than magic. Many different spaces—commercial, residential, and otherwise—use noise-containing construction materials and proper building techniques to keep sound completely enclosed. If you’re trying to make a room’s roar completely imperceptible from the outside, […]

Understanding Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating

If you’re looking to learn more about STC rating, you’re likely planning a construction project, and it’s probably not a tool shed. Sound transmission class ratings generally come up in places where we want to keep sound either in or out, like a sound studio, a road-facing exterior wall, or a bedroom above the garage. […]

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Acoustic Caulk: Is It the Best Possible Soundproof Solution?

There are a lot of great reasons to soundproof the rooms you spend most of your time in. Maybe you’re looking for a less distracting workspace. Maybe you love your movie nights and don’t want to wake the rest of the family. Some basic soundproofing measures can cut noise considerably. Since proper soundproofing can be […]