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Eco-friendly Soundproofing: Recycled Cotton Panels

In today’s world, sustainability is more than just a phrase; it is a critical factor that may affect almost every part of our daily lives. With governments around the globe pledging to pursue net-zero goals, the construction industry—which is widely recognized as one of the leading producers of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—has entered regulators’ sights.1 […]

soundproof drop ceiling

How To Soundproof A Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings combine form and function like few other alternatives. They allow us to set any ceiling height we like, they are easily customizable, and they allow for easy access when we need to make overhead repairs. There’s a lot to love.  Whether we want to create cozier spaces, increase heating and cooling efficiency, or […]

how soundproof are hotel rooms

Ask the Experts: How Soundproof Are Hotel Rooms?

When we check into a hotel room, we’re often excited about a little peace and quiet. A peaceful respite from a busy day of travel or visiting with friends and family is a great thing. At other times, we may want to invite some of them up to the room for a little late night […]


Balancing Absorption & Diffusion: Strategies for an Optimal Acoustic Environment

Designing the perfect acoustic environment is part art, part science. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the space itself, its intended uses, and budget constraints, as well as a keen sensitivity to how these factors interact to shape the overall sound quality within a particular setting. Two fundamental components in this sonic design process are […]

The Crucial Role of First Reflection Points in Acoustic Panel Placement

Mastering the acoustics of a space is a complex undertaking. Much more goes into the design equation for an optimal sound environment than indiscriminately placing sound absorbers and acoustic diffuser panels throughout a room. In fact, doing so may cause more sonic dissonance than harmony. Instead, you must carefully consider factors like sonic behavior, as […]

The Evolution of Acoustic Panel Materials

The Evolution of Acoustic Panel Materials

Sound plays an essential role in how we perceive and interact with our surroundings, be they natural or man-made. In contemporary society, we not only understand sonic behavior—we can also significantly influence it through strategically placed acoustic wall panels and diffusers. However, the understanding and manipulation of acoustics is a relatively new field that’s undergone […]


Beyond Partition Walls: Ways to Further Reduce Noise in an Office

Introduced in the mid-2000s by forward-thinking tech companies, the open office concept promised to break down not just physical partitions but also communication barriers. The idea was simple: without the confines of cubicle walls, there would be free-flowing interaction, collaboration, and teamwork that ushered team productivity to entirely new heights. But there’s one aspect of […]

The Impact of Room Size and Surface Properties on Acoustics

The Impact of Room Size and Surface Properties on Acoustics

If you love live music, you’ve likely noticed that a musician’s “sound” can be profoundly impacted by a given space’s acoustic properties. Room sizes, room shape, and even surface materials within the room all play pivotal roles in shaping our listening experiences—and that’s true whether we’re enjoying live music or conversing with colleagues. A performance […]

gun range soundproofing

Gun Range Soundproofing: All You Need to Know

Few places require soundproofing as fully as a gun range. Guns produce noise at incredibly high volumes, and they produce a whole lot of them. Get a handful of patrons popping off clip after clip and you’ve got a recipe for possible hearing damage.  Even though we wear hearing protection at the range, they only […]

Soundproofing & Treating Floors

Complete Guide to Soundproofing & Treating Floors

When it comes to implementing soundproofing solutions to create a serene, noise-free environment, the first elements that tend to come to mind are typically the walls and the ceiling. Heavy curtains, noise-absorbing wall panels, and double-glazed windows are just a few of the recommended “soundproofing” methods to limit external sounds. However, an often overlooked noise […]