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how to soundproof brick walls

How to Soundproof Brick Walls for Your Business

Working in a brick building has its perks. Brick is very dense, so outside sounds (the din from the street, construction or impact noise, and honking horns) have a hard time penetrating into your interior space.1 But that also means that sounds produced inside a brick space have a hard time escaping—if you’re tired of […]

How to Deal with Construction Noise with Soundproofing

On an active construction site, noise is inevitable. Heavy equipment and power tools are noisy, but buildings simply can’t go up without them. But, if you’re living or working across the street from an active building site, you may be wondering how to deal with construction noise—can you abate construction activity sounds, or do you […]

soundproof garage

How to Soundproof a Garage

If you’ve got a garage, you know what a great feature they are in any home. They keep our vehicles warm in the winter and keep them protected in inclement weather. They also serve as a great space for workshops, band practice rooms, and man caves. To get the most out of them, ingenious owners […]

How to Soundproof a Ceiling in Large Venues

How to Soundproof a Ceiling in Large Venues

Soundproofing a ceiling is a much more involved process than people might first think; one can’t simply install acoustic foam panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, or other types of sound absorbing panels, baffles or clouds and call it a day if you want or need to block the sound from either entering or leaving the space. […]

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Acoustic Ceiling?

An acoustic ceiling can be one of the most effective ways to add acoustical treatment to a commercial space because it allows you to evenly distribute product over the room’s entire area. With the proper sound absorption ceiling tiles or direct-mounted panels, you can effectively manage the noise levels inside the space based on the […]

Soundproofing with Rockwool: Everything You Need to Know

Nobody aims to disturb the peace. But whether it’s due to heavy equipment and machinery, or the school band’s percussion section practicing their drum rolls, noisy activities can be a nuisance to adjacent rooms, close-by establishments, and near neighbors. In worst-case scenarios, turning the volume up too far could even result in facing legal action […]

Mineral Wool vs Fiberglass: Which is Better?

Let’s face it, the world around us isn’t getting any quieter. But one way we can try to control noise at home or on the job is by soundproofing a space with insulating materials, and there are many reasons to soundproof a room, office, or commercial workspace. For example, sound pollution is being taken more […]

How to Optimize Room Acoustics for Your Space

How to Optimize Room Acoustics for Your Space

Light, bright, and airy might be three of the most often-repeated words in real estate, but a room’s acoustics are equally—if not more so—important. Sound impacts everything from our ability to concentrate to our stress levels, and a space with poor acoustics can have a major effect on our quality of life.1 Whether you’re arranging […]

What is Sound Masking

Sound Masking vs. Noise Treatments

Organizations managing public or commercial spaces have started using sound masking technologies to create better acoustics within their spaces. What is sound masking? It’s a technology designed to create a comfortable, productive, and private acoustical atmosphere by generating barely perceptible ambient noise within a specific area. Unlike traditional sound treatments that physically prevent noise from […]

Ceiling Acoustic Treatment: Retrofitting Large Ceiling Acoustics

Acoustics play a huge role in the ambiance of a room. In commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, and retail settings, sound quality can make events more enjoyable, help set the tone of an establishment, and even affect a customer’s mood.  But most structures don’t come with perfect acoustics built in. So instead, businesses must investigate […]