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Church Acoustics in Fellowship Halls

Church acoustics in fellowship halls or multi-purpose rooms are some of the more frequent rooms that we are asked for recommendations for acoustical treatment. These rooms have a few very common similarities that are the reason for the need for acoustical wall panels or acoustical ceiling panels.

Perforated Batts for UltraTouch Insulation

Bonded Logic is introducing perforated batts for its UltraTouch Insulation. Several batts in each package will contain perforations allowing you to easily size the batt to the dimensions needed. The perforations enhance the consumer’s experience and have no impact on the nature or performance of the product. The perforation pattern was developed to provide the […]

Clear Voice Type A Panel

Dealing With A Noisy Hair Salon

Ok, I’ll admit it. I get my hair cut in a salon – but please don’t tell any of my buddies. I only go there because I’ve known the woman for years and she gives me a good deal. Salons all seem to have similar characteristics. They contain hard floors that can be easily cleaned: […]

Home Gym Acoustical Treatment

The nature of a gym with it’s hard floors, concrete or drywall walls and (generally) metal ceilings are the epitome an echo chamber. They are always fairly large or very large rooms and are used by people doing loud things. So, acoustical treatment of the gym is usually necessary and always makes the room more comfortable.

LEED for Homes Launches Scoring Tool

The LEED for Homes Scoring tool launches Feb. 28. The LEED for Homes Self-Scoring Tool gives you an estimate of how your project might score in LEED for Homes.

Garage Door Noise

Need help reducing the garage door noise coming thru the ducts.  My daughter’s hvac supply is routed thru our attached garage, while it is foil wrapped in something already we can still hear the opening and closing of the motor.  Her bedroom is on the second floor while the garage is in the basement!

Soundproofing or Acoustical Treatment. What Topics Interest YOU!?

I’ll do my best to answer your questions or discuss the topics of interest and I will strive to do what I can to answer your questions in the most logical and common-sense way that I can. The whole point of my blog writing is to take the complexity out of soundproofing and acoustical treatment by explaining things in ways that make sense to the masses.

How Much Do I Need?

Over the years, I have put together a simple equation that I have had plenty of success with. This equation is used to “take the edge off” of a room and make it much more usable.

Noisy Dance Studio Next to An Office

To treat the noise problem of an office next to a dance studio will require a completely different approach than if the dance studio were next to a manufacturing plant. The office environment typically will start out with a low level of background noise, which makes it easier for the occupants in the office to hear the noise from the dance studio. If you were in a manufacturing area where the background noise is going to be a lot higher to begin with, the dance studio’s noise may be at the same level as the background noise. Just like it is a lot harder to hear someone whispering in a noisy cafeteria vs a quiet library.

The Problem? A Noisy Apartment

I think noise in an apartment is one of the most frustrating problems to deal with. You want the space to be your own, to be able to do what you will while still maintaining respect for your fellow neighbors. We recently had a question about noise in the apartment, specifically dealing with the doors. […]

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