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Commercial Spaces

Insulate Commercial Spaces with Studio Series Soundproof Interior Windows

Commercial spaces come in all shapes and sizes and noise is a common concern in these buildings. We pride ourselves on providing the best sound-absorbing insulation available. Whether it be a hotel, bar, apartment or restaurant, we have the noise reduction solutions you need. Read on as we discuss how our Studio Series Soundproof Interior […]

Soundproofing Door

Soundproof Performance Spaces with Studio 3D Doors

When designing or outfitting a performance space such as a studio, individual practice room, or band rehearsal space, acoustical treatment should be front-of-mind. To help increase the clarity and intelligibility of sound in the room, investing in acoustical products that help shape and absorb incoming sound waves can make a huge difference. For more than […]

nightclub soundproofing

Nightclub Soundproofing – Keep the Bass Big, but Keep it Inside

No one goes to a nightclub when they’re looking for a quiet night of relaxation. We go to nightclubs to dance and sweat out the week’s worries with great people and booming basslines. Nights at the club are incredibly cathartic, and a great venue provides a place where we can watch our favorite DJs and […]

auditory illusions no longer hears a noisy machine

Hearing and Believing – The Most Interesting Auditory Illusions

Sensory illusions are interesting concepts. They cause us to perceive the world in different ways than we are used to and even question our judgment on what seemingly straightforward things represent. That’s because sensory illusions are created by stimuli that can be easily misinterpreted by the senses. We are presented with a limited amount of […]


4 Smart Uses for Fabric-Wrapped Acoustical Products

There are any number of acoustical treatments that can improve the acoustics, feeling and overall experience in a room, as well as blend seamlessly or accent the existing aesthetics. Many of these products are wrapped with acoustically transparent fabric, and the color, pattern and texture choices are vast – making them extremely versatile. Due to […]

soundproof hotel rooms

The Complete Guide To Soundproofing A Hotel Room

People stay in hotels for lots of reasons. They can be a place to spend a restful vacation, celebrate a wedding with our family and friends, network with our peers at conventions, or simply get a good night’s rest after a long day on the road. No matter what brings us to a hotel, most […]

industrial soundproofing

Soundproofing Plant Rooms – Making Heavy Machinery Quiet

Anyone who’s ever worked in a large plant or warehouse knows how loud they can get. You are working around all kinds of heavy machinery and moving parts that the hard floors and solid building shell can amplify sounds to nuisance levels. It’s not ideal. Not only are loud noises annoying enough to make people […]


Meeting in the Middle: Sound Absorption and Fireproofing in One

Impeccable sound can transform a seemingly humble space into an immersive experience. When rooms sound the way they should, every spoken word lands in a more meaningful way. One of the keys to achieving such an environment is sound absorption. The right materials can ensure that outside noise doesn’t penetrate and clutter the soundscape in […]

soundproofing stairs

How To Soundproof Stairs And Walls With Staircases

Staircases with wall panels can be uniquely noisy locations in any property. If they’re not constructed with sound control in mind, every click, creak and squeak seems to migrate to each level of the structure in ways footfalls in other locations don’t. Why is that? By knowing a little bit about the structure surrounding our […]

noisy classrooms

Creative Solutions for Noisy Classrooms

Creative Solutions for Noisy Classrooms A classroom is an important space: it is where students will establish friendships, where they will learn things that shape their way of thinking, and where they spend much of their time each day. The quality of the classroom environment is instrumental to the focus and success of each student. […]