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how to reduce echo in a room

How to reduce echo in the office

As kids, most of us enjoyed learning about echo. We’d encounter a space with just the right acoustic profile and start hollering, “HELLO!” That fascination fades as we get older, and echo presents very real headaches in the spaces where we conduct business and relax. Learning how to reduce echo in a room can lower […]

noise reduction

Soundproofing indoor and outdoor courts

Installing courts at your home can be a dream come true. No more driving to the gym to wait in line for a court to open up. Not only that, but you can invite friends over for a game and a hang, so you can play at your own pace and even take breaks without […]

wood acoustic panels

The Acoustic Performance of Wood

When it comes to construction and design, there’s nothing quite like wood. The right wood can make a building look rustic, elegant, chic, or anything in between.  Wood also makes up the bones of most buildings. Whether in a house built with light-frame construction or a building made with mass timber construction, wood is integral […]

acoustic insulation market

Acoustic Insulation Market from 2020 and the Forecast for 2021

The acoustic insulation market provides an invaluable service for those whose careers or enjoyment depend on solid sound quality. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to work from home for the very first time. This means that while some were forced to outfit a home studio to be outside-noise-resistant, others did it so […]

Poly Max by Acoustical Surfaces

Poly Max™ Acoustical Wall And Ceiling Panels by Acoustical Surfaces

Choosing the right acoustic material for your next project, whether that be a movie theater or building a new storefront, is critical. High-performance acoustic material can mean the difference between people having a difficult time hearing each other and diners that are impressed by the ambiance of a space. Poly Max™ acoustical wall and ceiling […]

A Guide to Acoustic Flooring: Commercial and Industry

There are so many options out there when it comes to industrial and commercial sound absorbing flooring, deciding on what material is best for your business can feel overwhelming. When you are redesigning a space, it can be tough to visualize the space with a new look. Not only are you looking for something that […]

Echo Eliminator being used in a music studio, for sale at Acoustical Surfaces.

Echo Eliminator™ Panels by Acoustical Surfaces

Echo Eliminator™ Panels by Acoustical Surfaces is the most cost-effective and high-performance acoustical absorbing material on the market. Also known as Bonded Acoustical Cotton (B.A.C.), this product is manufactured from recycled cotton, and has the perfect configuration for noise reduction and noise control applications.  Echo Eliminator™ Panels are perfect for schools and other public venues […]

CFAB Cellulose Acoustical Panel by Acoustical Surfaces.

CFAB™ Cellulose-Based Acoustical & Thermal Panels by Acoustical Surfaces

For an incredibly efficient acoustically-absorbent product – that is also manufactured with environmentally friendly practices -Acoustical Surfaces created the CFAB™ Cellulose-Based Acoustical & Thermal Panels. These panels are manufactured from cellulose-based materials and are 65%-75% recycled content.  CFAB™ presents a greener option for noise absorption in building plans without sacrificing performance. These panels are an […]

Sound Silencer by Acoustical Surfaces being used in a restaurant.

Sound Silencer (PEPP) By Acoustical Surfaces

For noise reduction that isn’t afraid of getting dirty, trust the Sound Silencer (PEPP) by Acoustical Surfaces. These durable acoustical wall and ceiling panels are made from Rigid Porous ARPRO Acoustical (PEPP) Planks. These non-fibrous panels provide noise control for large and loud spaces and are made without fiberglass.  Sound Silencer (PEPP) is Class A […]