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Central Advent Gym


Thank you for helping our church choose the right solution to the echoing problem in our gym. It took four people 3.5 hours to hang the 600 sq. ft. of Echo Eliminator tiles from the sloped corners of the room with two men on the scaffolding, applying the spray adhesive and placing it on the ceiling, and two men on the ground to cut and apply the caulk adhesive. It would have taken less time if we didn’t have to cut the tiles ( the slope was actuallly 2 in. short of 4 ft.) and had a second scaffolding set up. We used a sturdy pair of kitchen scissors to cut the tiles which was all we had on hand at the church. We started noticing a difference in the sound quality with as little as a fourth of the tiles being installed. Half way completed, you could have a converstation while some of our youth played basketball at the other end of the gym. Now that the installation is completed, we can’t wait for the youth to enjoy the gym again, especially for our summer Bible school. It will make the space much more enjoyable to use and easier for everyone to hear – and understand – what is being spoken and sung. 

Thank you again for all of your help.