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fabric panel stop

Decorative Fabric Wrapped Custom Acoustical Wall Panels

Edge & Mounting Options

Product Testing & Information

Edge & Mounting Options

Curved & Radius Wall Panels

Curved and Radius Wall Panels Curved panels and radius corners offer additional design options and add dimension to any interior space.

Edge & Mounting Options

Edge Treatments

Chemically Hardened, Metal, Wood, or Soft

Edge & Mounting Options

Adhesive Mounting

Panels are applied with resin hardened spots on the back. A 2″ diameter dab of construction adhesive is then applied to the spot and applied to the wall. Temporary support is required to avoid slippage.

Edge & Mounting Options

Magnetic Fasteners

The magnetic fastener is applied to the panel before shipment. Permanent support is required

Edge & Mounting Options

Hook & Loop Fasteners

The loop side of the fastener is applied to the panel at time of shipment. The hook side is attached to its mate, and when installing, the tape backing is removed and the panel is positioned on the wall. Permanent support is required.

Edge & Mounting Options

Concealed Splines

Panels with concealed spline attachment are provided with kerfs along the edges of the panels. The spline then inserts into one panel and is mounted onto the wall. Adjoining panels are inserted into the remaining half of the spline.

Edge & Mounting Options

Mechanical Clips

The panel clips are mounted onto the panels at the time of shipment. The wall clips are installed on the wall at the location established by the position of the panel clips or wall bars.

Edge & Mounting Options

Impaling Clips

The impaling clips are screwed directly to the wall with the prongs extending outward. The glass fiber acoustical panel is positioned and pressed firmly onto the clip. Locking Adhesive is recommended with this clip mounting.