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Reverberation Demonstration

Why Reverberation Time (RT) Is Important

What is Reverberation Time?

Sound reflections are created when noise reverberates and echoes around architectural spaces. Reverberation Time (RT) is the acoustical concept which measures how long, in seconds, it takes for these noises to become inaudible.

The Importance of Sound Quality

Measuring Reverberation Time is important to determine the sound quality of speech and music in acoustical spaces. Instructional spaces, such as classrooms, are best with short RTs – less than 1 second to ensure clarity and high speech intelligibility. ANSI has set forth criteria and standards with recommendations for the maximum acceptable RT in these areas. Auditoriums, theaters, and other musical spaces will benefit from longer RTs, typically greater than 1.5 seconds.

The Relationship Between Architectural Design and
Reverberation Time

RT = Constant (Volume/Absorption)

RT is determined by looking at both the volume and absorption rate in an acoustical space. The volume of a space is proportional to the RT of that space; the greater the volume, the longer the RT. Inversely, the amount of sound-absorbing material in any space will have a negative effect on the RT. As an example, a large space with tiled floors and a drywall ceiling will have a long RT. Oppositely, a small room with a low suspended ceiling and high-pile carpet will have a much shorter RT.

Create the best room for your needs – determine the RT of your space and let us help you choose the correct acoustical materials for your space.