Creative Solutions for Noisy Classrooms

Creative Solutions for Noisy Classrooms

A classroom is an important space: it is where students will establish friendships, where they will learn things that shape their way of thinking, and where they spend much of their time each day. The quality of the classroom environment is instrumental to the focus and success of each student.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of many classroom activities, the room can get very noisy. Especially during games, free time, or instrument practice, the noise will reverberate throughout the room. Any bleed through the floor, ceiling, and walls could cause a disturbance to the surrounding rooms. How can we mitigate this?

The professionals at Acoustical Surfaces specialize in solving these types of problems. With a huge variety of sound solutions that can be custom-outfitted for your classroom space, we can help keep your classroom crisp and quiet. Here are a few of our favorite hand-picked options for reducing noise in the classroom.

PolyMax Ceiling and Wall Panels

A simple and versatile choice for accenting and outfitting your classroom, PolyMax panels can be easily attached directly to the walls and ceiling using Z-clips. Available in a wide variety of color options, these polyester panels are fungal-resistant, non-allergenic, and contain no chemical irritants or formaldehyde. Dampening sound in your classroom has never been easier.

Echo Eliminator

Manufactured from recycled cotton, which is the most affordable sound absorption material on the market, Echo Eliminator panels are a space-efficient way to battle reverberating echo in your classroom. These ceiling and wall covering panels are customizable in size to the exact dimensions of your room, blend in nicely with existing room aesthetics, and are Class A fire rated and 100% recyclable.

Fabrisorb Decorative Panels

For a hearty sound-absorbing option with a dose of customized decorative charm, consider Fabrisorb panels for your ceiling and walls. Used by many professionals for sound-sensitive environments such as production studios, Fabrisorb panels are perfect for classrooms with an emphasis on silence, or in music classes. These panels are custom-engineered and rated highly in sound performance and reverberation reduction.

Acoustical Window Inserts

Sometimes, keeping outside noise from coming in is the best way to improve the sound in a classroom. If your class is regularly disturbed by noise from the outside such as traffic or construction, consider a window treatment solution such as Climate Seal acoustical window inserts.

Much cheaper than replacement windows, these easy-install inserts fit over or inside the frames of your existing windows and can dramatically change the interior soundscape by limiting outside noise. In emergency situations, these inserts can be easily removed.

Flooring Underlays

If you are in the process of building, or have the capacity for a remodel, then a more involved solution for your noisy classroom might be applicable. In this case, a commonly recommended solution for mitigating sound dispersion throughout your school building is a flooring underlay such as Quiet Floor. This simple solution involves the placement of a thin layer of synthetic fiber in between the wood or tile floor and the wood or concrete subfloor.

Along with significantly reducing the impact noise passed to the level below, Quiet Floor comes with a host of additional benefits. The thin layer will actually help smooth out minor imperfections in the flooring while remaining a lightweight product. It is also a recycled “green” absorption product that won’t break your budget.

In addition to these creative solutions, Acoustical Surfaces offers dozens more options that can help create the ideal sound environment you need for your students. You can also consult our free resources to learn more about sound dispersion and absorption techniques that our professionals use on a daily basis to help solve real world problems for our clients.

Acoustical Surfaces: Your Interior Sound Solution

Every classroom has a unique set of specifications and purposes – from small practice rooms, to standard 30-student rooms, or orchestra halls. Each one requires a particular and custom-designed sound solution in order to create the best possible results for each student in the class…as well as for each student down the hall or up the stairs who could be disrupted by the noise the class creates. That’s why the professionals at Acoustical Surfaces will work with you each step of the way, providing everything your project will need: from consultation to final installation.

We leverage our experience in the industry as well as our deep catalogue of products to provide designers, architects and builders with the solutions they need to build the highest quality rooms and environments. Trust Acoustical Surfaces to provide the materials and products for your next project. Get in touch with our technicians or browse our product offering by exploring our website today.

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