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construction noise

Let’s talk about Construction Noise

Take a look around any major city, and you’ll see cranes on the horizon. Not the bird but the metal behemoths that signal growth. Each crane represents a new residential building or warehouse that will add homes or jobs to the region. It’s great for the economy, but nearby residents dream of the days when […]

fiberglass acoustic panels

What are Fiberglass Acoustic Panels?

When you’re looking to improve the acoustics in any space, whether at home or work, the go-to solution is the acoustic panel. It’s versatile, It looks great, and it does a great job of absorbing sound waves. There are a lot of different types of acoustic panels out there, and the type that’s best for […]

noise reduction in hospitals

Noise Reduction in Hospitals

Hospitals are a critical part of any city’s infrastructure. It’s where most of us go to give birth, and it’s often where we go to receive end of life care. In between those two life events, it’s where we go to receive life saving treatment for any injury or ailment that befalls us. Hospitals are […]

counseling office

How to Soundproof a Counseling Office

Counseling can be a godsend. Having someone who allows us to vent, reflect, and examine our lives has changed the lives of millions of people. When we see counselors, we have certain expectations of privacy. If we walk into a counseling office and hear other people’s sessions through the waiting room walls, we may think […]

soundproofing without damaging walls

Soundproofing A Room Without Damaging Walls

Life can get a little noisy, but we’re not always prepared for it. If you’re building a recording studio or live music club, you know what you’re in for ahead of time. You can construct your walls to handle the noise. But what if your kid gets a guitar or drum kit for his or […]

soundproof a fence

Soundproof Fences: How Do They Work?

We install soundproof fences on our properties for lots of reasons. They keep our children and pets in our yards where we can see them, they create a nice backdrop for our landscaping, they create clear boundaries between one space and the next, and they help protect our property, along with creating a noise barrier. […]

soundproof floor underlayment

Acoustic Underlay for Optimal Noise Reduction

Curious about how to soundproof a floor? If you’re considering installing new flooring in your home, you’ve likely learned floor underlayments are a critical part of the flooring structure. We use underlayment for floors to reduce the appearance of any minor imperfections in the subfloor, slightly soften the impact of footsteps, and help reduce the […]

Acoustical Surfaces Noiseproofing Music Venues blog banner

How Concert Venues Can Reopen and Coexist with Those Still Choosing to Stay In

As the live entertainment industry roars back from the woes of 2020, fans once again pack into small spaces and create loud, exciting environments. The only problem with this? Noise complaints are on the rise. Homebodies have become accustomed to quiet evenings, and especially in urban areas, their daily routines and preferences are under pressure. […]

Acoustical Surfaces Construction Solutions blog banner

Construction in the City: Quieter Solutions for Coexistence

Construction continues in earnest around the globe as cities spring back to life. Project leaders and administrators face a difficult balance between improving our communities’ infrastructure and keeping noise pollution at a minimum. Oftentimes, it is hard to find that middle ground.  In fact, studies show that noise pollution from construction affects not only those […]

A photo of stacked rows of shipping containers. Text in the foreground reads "The State of the Supply Chain in 2022."

The State of the Supply Chain in 2022

In recent months, businesses in a variety of industries have been battling something they hardly thought about before: the supply chain. Particularly in the building and designing space, raw materials are extremely hard to procure, pushing back lead times and lengthening jobs to the dissatisfaction of both the client and the provider. Architects and designers […]