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industrial soundproofing

Soundproofing Warehouses & Industrial Rooms – Making Heavy Machinery Quiet

Anyone who’s ever worked in a large plant or warehouse knows how loud they can get. You are working around all kinds of heavy machinery and moving parts that the hard floors and solid building shell can amplify sounds to nuisance levels. It’s not ideal. Not only are loud noises annoying enough to make people […]


Meeting in the Middle: Sound Absorption and Fireproofing in One

Impeccable sound can transform a seemingly humble space into an immersive experience. When rooms sound the way they should, every spoken word lands in a more meaningful way. One of the keys to achieving such an environment is sound absorption. The right materials can ensure that outside noise doesn’t penetrate and clutter the soundscape in […]

soundproofing stairs

How To Soundproof Stairs And Walls With Staircases

Staircases with wall panels can be uniquely noisy locations in any property. If they’re not constructed with sound control in mind, every click, creak and squeak seems to migrate to each level of the structure in ways footfalls in other locations don’t. Why is that? By knowing a little bit about the structure surrounding our […]

Elegance with cube ceiling design

Elegance with cube ceiling design

For those of us whose lives revolve around visual stimuli, ceilings are an important part of interior design. Not only can the right ceiling design add a touch of style to any room, but they can actually make the room more comfortable. A great ceiling should create vibrant visual interest, but it should also hide […]


Classroom Soundproofing: How Noise Affects Learning

The classroom experience has changed somewhat drastically over the past few decades. Chalkboards and overhead projectors are being replaced by white boards and monitors, and children have a whole new arsenal of technology at their fingertips for doing homework and connecting with their peers. These advances mean students are equipped with the tools they need […]

acoustic wall panels

Reduce Noise with Acoustic Panels

Open spaces have been the home and office layout of choice for the past few decades. They let lots of light in and provide ample space for people to gather with their workmates and enjoy their loved ones. They’re not all upsides, though. Those open spaces can create the perfect atmosphere for sound waves to […]

vibration effects

How Vibrations Affect Both Structures and Humans

Vibrations are an interesting mechanical phenomenon that can cause pleasure or pain, depending on the specifics of the vibration. A night spent at the symphony and an afternoon spent at work while a jackhammer demolishes the sidewalk outside your window are both experiences driven by vibrations. One is a relaxing retreat from your busy work […]

sound absorbing

Tips For Creating Quieter Gyms

From high school gyms to fitness centers, exercise is inherently noisy. From the thunder of running footsteps to the crashing of weights, and even the hum of machines and climate control, without acoustical treatments gyms can be deafening. And if a fitness studio or a small gymnasium is on the second floor, all of this […]

acoustic space

How Acoustics Play A Role In The Value Of A Project

When designing a room, an event acoustic space, or even an entire building, understanding the acoustic demands and needs that space has can be the difference between success and failure in the eyes of the client. Even though this can be a make-or-break component of many projects, it is often overlooked. Acoustical Surfaces looks at […]

noise reduction

Soundproofing indoor and outdoor courts

Installing courts at your home can be a dream come true. No more driving to the gym to wait in line for a court to open up. Not only that, but you can invite friends over for a game and a hang, so you can play at your own pace and even take breaks without […]