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Your 101 Guide on How to Hang Acoustic Panels in Large Spaces

Echo Reduction in Large Spaces: The Role of Acoustic Panels

Updated Feb 15, 2024 Most schools, businesses, and entertainment venues rely on large, multi-functional spaces to operate. In fact, large rooms are precious resources for organizations like these—the right-sized space can facilitate almost any purpose, whether it’s a high-stakes gathering of the board or a friendly game of pickleball. But no matter how much utility […]

decorative, yet functional acoustic panels, with red, orange, white and black panels

Aesthetics in Decorative Acoustic Panel Design: Function Meets Style

From concert halls to classrooms, exceptional acoustics are a top priority in rooms of all sizes and functions. Using the correct materials to amplify, capture, and nullify noise in these spaces can make the difference between crisp and clear audio and inaudible and unintelligible reverberations. Humans have been using different techniques to manipulate and dampen […]


Room Soundproofing for Podcasters and Content Creators: A Comprehensive Guide

Podcasts have been around for over two decades and, as they’ve grown and developed, so have their listeners’ expectations for sound quality.1 Podcasting is now an $18 billion-a-year industry that’s still expanding exponentially—meaning it’s no longer an amateur’s game.2 With so much money and interest in the market, staticky sound and muffled voices aren’t able […]

how to soundproof a door

How to Soundproof a Door

Soundproofing a door is actually a very easy thing to do – and probably not as expensive as you think. Nine times out of ten, simply sealing the air gaps around the door does the job very well. If that does not do the trick, don’t worry – we can build a custom panel to fit your door specifically to stop even MORE sound […]

Which Acoustic Foam Shape Is Best

Which Acoustic Foam Shape Is Best?

Sound is a crucial yet unobtrusive thread woven through the tapestry of daily life. It can change the mood of any space you inhabit, influencing how you perceive your surroundings. For some, sound is a central component of their work (think musicians and audio engineers); for others, sound is a requirement for productivity (think quiet […]

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels vs. Acoustic Foam

Room acoustics matter, and controlling the way sound behaves—whether for productivity (as in loud workplaces) or for maximum enjoyment (as in a theater)—is essential. If you’re looking to manage noise, you need a sound absorption solution. Traditionally, that means installing acoustic panels or acoustic foam. Both options can effectively reduce unwanted flutter echoes, making high-noise […]

sound diffusion vs absorption

Sound Diffusion & Absorption Explained

To bring out the best in your vocals and instruments, you need more than just warm-ups, lessons, and practice. You need a strong acoustic sound space. And when it comes to sound diffusion vs absorption, you need both for high-quality audio, each serving a unique purpose in crafting your ideal sound environment. Absorption and diffusion […]

Acoustic Planning for Architects

Day 1: Acoustic Planning for Architects, Designers & Builders

The soundscape around us has a profound impact on everything we do. The music we listen to, the programs we watch, and the work conferences or school classes we attend can be either positively or negatively impacted by sound quality and room acoustics. Unfortunately, not all places we occupy or visit are designed with our […]