How it’s Made: Poly Max

Effective noise-controlling solutions undergo detailed processes to ensure they properly work to absorb noise and echoes.

Poly Max acoustic panels are some of the most cost-effective solutions available to reduce distracting echoes and noise reverberations. Made of 100% polyester, Poly Max panels are decorative and customizable for a variety of spaces. Before they’re ready to be installed, they undergo an extensive manufacturing process to ensure they work as they’re intended. 

The Poly Max Process

Because Poly Max acoustic panels are created with 100% polyester, they are non-allergenic, non-toxic, and fungal and mold resistant. They are also Class A fire rated, prioritizing the safety of those around the material. Polyester-based materials contain recycled fiber, including plastic from water bottles. 

In order to most effectively mold the recycled material, they are first blended together with other recycled fibers and extruded into spaghetti strands. Once the fiber strands are cooled, they can be thermally bound together, taking the form of a liquid. Because they are not manufactured with formaldehyde or binding agents, Poly Max panels are safe to handle and be around. Finally, the liquid is able to be molded into the desired sound-absorbing shape. Poly Max panels are manufactured in different colors and thicknesses to provide a variety of uses to suit the needs of any project.

Prior to going on the market, the panels are put to a number of different acoustical tests to ensure they absorb the right frequencies of sound. These tests simulate different environments and applications of Poly Max. If the materials pass the test, they’re given an NRC rating to show how effective the noise-absorption is. 

Applications of Poly Max

Once the materials of Poly Max are bound, molded and ready to go, they become some of the most cost-effective sound-absorbing materials available on the market. Because the recycled materials are accessible, they are easy and affordable to make, and the sound-absorbing qualities of Poly Max are ideal for large and small scale operations. 

Poly Max acoustic panels are an effective noise-controlling solution for auditoriums, gyms, schools or kitchens. The professional-grade, sturdy panels can also be used in major restaurant operations or event venues, such as stadiums and concert halls. An experienced contractor can easily install these panels on your walls or ceilings, or as overhead baffles. 

ASI is Your Sound Absorption Solution

The customizable panels come in a variety of colors, adding either a subtle acoustic upgrade or an impressive accent to your space. With Acoustical Surfaces’ high-quality noise-controlling solutions, you can improve the acoustics in your space easily. Poly Max acoustical panels are perfect for your next project, big or small. Contact Acoustical Surfaces to learn how to get panels with customizable sizes, shapes and colors. Or, search our other products to see what may best suit your needs. 

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