Soundproof Performance Spaces with Studio 3D Doors

When designing or outfitting a performance space such as a studio, individual practice room, or band rehearsal space, acoustical treatment should be front-of-mind. To help increase the clarity and intelligibility of sound in the room, investing in acoustical products that help shape and absorb incoming sound waves can make a huge difference.

For more than 35 years, we have helped designers, builders, and architects reduce echo and solve common acoustical issues in their spaces. From panels, to curve diffusors, to flooring underlays and beyond, there are a variety of high-quality solutions for creating a more natural soundscape in the space while mitigating sound travel to surrounding areas. An additional innovative and useful solution is the Studio 3D Soundproofing Door.

We’re proud to offer this specialized sound insulation door as the first affordable interior soundproofing door on the market. Here’s how it can revolutionize your creative space.

A Creative and Effective Solution

Most standard door frames are surrounded by open spaces from which sound can both enter and escape, reducing the seclusion of the room. The Studio 3D Soundproofing Door offers a comprehensive fix to this issue.

Complete with a tube of acoustical caulk and a flexible backer rod, the installation kit included with the Studio 3D Door will help ensure all gaps in the frame are completely filled to mitigate sound travel. Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial about how to install your soundproof door.

The sturdy oak door (approximately 300 lbs), trim pieces, and installation hardware is specially designed to create a flush seal to truly close off your room to outside noise. Despite the thickness and weight of the door, the heavy-duty hinges will have no problem supporting its smooth movement. Our Studio 3D Soundproofing Doors are covered under warranty from workmanship and quality defects for two years. This state-of-the-art piece of sound equipment is offered at a retail price point that other manufacturers simply can’t match.

Custom Options & Specs

In addition to the performance quality guaranteed with every soundproof door, we’re happy to custom-manufacture your specimen to the exact dimensions you need. While the classic oak finish is a timeless addition to any room, we can also provide doors made from cherry, maple, birch, and a variety of other wood species. Each door comes ready to stain or paint to your exact color preferences.

The hardware of each door is incredibly customizable as well: in addition to the satin chrome standard hardware, the Studio 3D Door can be outfitted with brass, bronze, nickel, and pewter hardware in several different finishes. Choose between Venice, Torino, and Allegro handle styles to match the aesthetic of the space.

Finally, if you are looking for even more advanced customization options, the Studio 3D Door can be crafted with a large or small window, with exposed or capped jamb kits, and even in a double-door style with either swing direction. Whatever your vision for a soundproofed space, we can help craft a solution that matches the design and capability you need.

Additional Applications

In addition to its usefulness in performance spaces, the Studio 3D Door provides a perfect soundproofing solution in a variety of other interior environments. Anytime privacy or noise reduction is important, such as in a hotel, office, dorm room, or conference room, this device will provide the silence you need.

Get in touch with the Acoustical Surfaces team today to learn more about how the Studio 3D Door can improve the acoustics of your space. We are happy to offer guidance on outfitting your room with a custom-made door, as well as answer any additional acoustics-related questions you may have.

Acoustical Surfaces: Your Complete Sound Absorption Solution

At Acoustical Surfaces, we leverage our decades of experience in the industry as well as our diverse catalog of products to provide designers, architects, and builders with the solutions they need to create top-notch venues and sound environments. We strive to make your life easier by making your space better. Our team will work with you each step of the way, providing insights and advice on everything your project will need. Explore our website today and get in touch with an acoustics professional to take the first step towards a more natural-sounding room.

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