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Green Glue

Green Glue

Viscoelastic Damping Compound
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Mixing Required
  • Simple, Familiear, “Caulk Gun” Application
  • Considerably Reduced Application Cost
  • Light Material Squeezes from Tubes Easily – Low Worker Fatigue
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View the Impact of Green Glue

View Wall/Ceiling Assembly Tests
Certified Green Glue Distributor

Green Glue is a liquid, waterborne, viscoelastic damping compound which represents the highest performance product of it’s type. We are aware of no product available to the construction market which can deliver damping levels even 30% as high as those offered by Green Glue. It is also significantly lower in applied cost than competitive products, getting a better cost/performance ratio in the damping of normal construction materials such as drywall, wood products, etc. Finally, it is remarkably tolerant to real-world application conditions and carries almost none of the burden of precision required by many damping systems.

SIZE: 29 oz tube (12 tubes per case)
ACTIVE CONTENT: 68% +/- 5%
WORKING TIME: >30 minutes*
CURE TIME: 7 days
VISCOSITY: Light Paste (65,000 cps)
ODOR: Mild (Temporary)
VOC: <2g/liter
DAMPING FACTOR: Typically 0.50+ with 2 layers 5/8″ fire code drywall (3X higher than any competitive product we are aware of)
COVERAGE: Approximately 16 sq ft per tube at full coverage

Walls and Ceiling:
  • Improved Sound Isolation
  • Constructions With Outstanding Low Frequency Isolation Are Possible
  • Thoroughly Lab Tested
  • Eliminates Short Circuit Risk in Resilient Channel Walls
  • Allows Construction of the Highest Performance Walls Possible (In Combination With Double Stud Walls)
  • Reduction in Structure-Borne Sound
  • Low Cost Product – Great $$$/Performance
  • Reduced Impact Noise
  • Improved Resistance to Airborne Sound
  • Lower In Cost Than Most Floor Treatments
  • Reduction In Structure-Borne Sound
Other Applications:
  • Tremendous Performance in Risers, Equipment Platforms, Stages, and Other Unique Structures Found In Home Theaters
  • DIY and OEM Loudspeaker Construction – More Inert Cabinets With Damping Factors Up To 20× Higher Than Raw MDF
Installation Tips:
  • Standard Performance Requires (2) 29 oz Tubes of Green Glue per 4′×8′ Sheet or Drywall
  • For Enhanced Performance Use (3) 29 oz tubes per 4′×8′ Sheet of Drywall
  • Simply Apply Product Between 2 Layers of Drywall and Mount Drywall to Existing Wall
  • Applying Acoustical Sealant Around The Perimeter Will Also Enhance Wall Assembly.
View Installation Instructions

  1. MSDS
  2. Data Sheet
  3. Installation Instructions
  4. The Impact of Green Glue
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