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Celebrate Earth Day with Natural Sound Absorbing Materials

April 22nd, 2024 is Earth Day, a time to reflect on everything our planet gives us and commit to protecting our environment now and into the future. Some people plant trees, others clean up litter, and many pledge to lead more eco-conscious lives in honor of the occasion. This year, we’re spreading the word about […]

Overcoming Bad Soundproofing

Common Soundproofing Mistakes to Avoid

Although there are aesthetic choices involved, soundproofing is much more a science than an art. Whether you’re approaching a small space with a DIY plan or overseeing large-scale venues, there are basic principles to follow—and mistakes to avoid—to ensure your investment pays off. The way that the sound wave interacts with each interruption and surface […]


Does Soundproofing Affect Wi-Fi and Phone Signals?

It would be convenient to have only a single goal in mind when designing spaces, but we usually need to balance multiple factors—such as reducing noise levels without suppressing electronic signals. This begs the question: Does soundproofing affect WiFi and phone signals? So long as proper materials and planning are used, the answer is no. […]

benefits of soundproofing

The Potential of Blocked Rooms: Benefits of Soundproofing Techniques

Noise pollution can have some seriously negative ramifications on our health. Many of us are exposed to unsafe noise levels on a regular basis, and it isn’t doing us any favors. That’s why people all over the world are shoring up their sound defenses and enjoying the benefits of soundproofing. It’s having profound impacts on […]

improve venue acoustics

Optimizing Event Venue Acoustics for Superior Sound and Privacy

Depending on a venue’s acoustics, a high-priced event can end with guests walking away with fantastic memories… or with a headache. In fact, poor sound design can turn a concert into muddled noise or an anniversary party into raised voices and frustratingly difficult conversations. That’s where professional acoustics planning comes in. With the right preparation, […]

Top 10 Noisiest Jobs

Top 10 Noisiest Jobs

Millions of people are exposed to dangerous decibels in the workplace — from musicians to farmers. We have found the top ten occupations where noise poses a serious health problem.

couple suffering from noisy upstairs neighbors

Noisy Neighbors: Reduce Noise in Apartment Buildings

Updated March 27, 2024 While the essence of community is cooperating and coexisting with neighbors, that can be difficult when they’re constantly making noise. Over half of all Americans are bothered by their neighbors’ noise issues multiple times per year, while over a third deal with such annoyances on a monthly basis.1 In apartment complexes […]


Speed of Sound: How Sound Travels Through Objects and Materials

From the snap of a twig to the booming echo of a drumbeat, sound plays an important role in helping us navigate our space. While sound is incredibly important, many people rarely stop to ponder its physical properties. In physics, sound is defined as an acoustic vibration that sends waves through a medium, such as […]

Silent psychologist's office

Soundproofing a Psychologist’s Office [Case Study]

The problem of the sound transmission issue is unfortunately a very common problem. I get calls all the time from people in similar situations who are looking for products to help stop sound traveling from one office or exam room to the other. Confidentiality and patient privacy is extremely important. Many people call me looking for a product to put on the wall, and because I have helped so many people, I start the conversation by asking three main questions […]

Noisy brewery lacking soundproofing

Soundproofing for Breweries

Between the clinking glasses and boisterous conversation, breweries are lively spaces. While many people go to breweries to enjoy their bustling ambiance, too much noise can put a damper on the experience. Fortunately, there are a host of brewery soundproofing solutions that can reduce acoustic clamor and enhance your customers’ experience. Below, we’ll explore some […]