What You Need to Know About Acoustics

Acoustical Surfaces Inc. specializes in soundproofing, acoustics, and noise/vibration control. To give you a better understanding of what we do, we produced a video on acoustics. It’s designed to provide an overview of the basics of acoustics for those who are new to the subject.

The video also explains the very first thing that you need to know about acoustics and acoustical products: the difference between soundproofing and treatments. Both are different and represent two distinct goals. The video addresses some common misconceptions about both.


Soundproofing helps keep noises out and sounds in. It is analogous to weatherproofing, where you need to eliminate all holes and cracks where the weather can get inside or where air-conditioned air could escape. Soundproofing consists of solidifying structures and increasing isolation — which means ensuring that there are no holes for noise to infiltrate the room or for sound to escape.

Sound leaks from doors and windows are easy to fix with door seal kits or soundproof doors and windows; but soundproofing light-fixtures, lightweight walls, air duct vibrations, and thin floors are more challenging. Doing so means increasing the mass of structures to reduce sound transmission through vibrations, and sealing all holes.


Treatment is all about improving the acoustical properties of a room: it helps enhance the quality of sounds in a room (watch this video to learn more). To do this, flat surfaces are converted to porous, curved surfaces. Porous materials improve acoustical properties by absorbing sound energy, and curved surfaces improve acoustical properties by diffusing, or spreading out sound energy.

Porous Absorber panels work by reducing sound energy. Sounds are absorbed by the porous material rather than reflected back into the room. Curved surfaces (known as curve diffusors) help to spread out sound energy, reducing the intensity of any sound reflected back into the room.

Additional Acoustic Resources

Our website contains a huge amount resources on soundproofing and treatment. We also sell a number of soundproofing products, including door seal kits and studio soundproof doors and windows, as well as treatment products such as curve diffusors and sound absorbing panels.

Want to learn more about acoustics? Our experts are available to answer your questions.

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