Soundproof Door Install

Soundproof Door Install Video Transcript

The Soundproof Door is a beautiful way to quiet a room. Here’s how to install it.

First, the door is very heavy. Make sure you have enough people to safely position it.

Once the door is in place, remove the bottom shipping plate.

Then mark the four hinge positions on the hinge side of the door opening

At the narrowest point in the opening, fasten a set of shims at the nearest hinge mark. Use a vertical level to establish a plumb line, and fasten the other three sets of shims at the remaining hinge marks.

It’s critical to install the door jamb against a plumb framed opening

So double-check the shims for plumb.

With the door at a right-angle to the wall, and the bottom close to the edge of the opening, carefully raise the door assembly into position

Then, slide the assembly into the opening until the trim frame is flush with the wall.

The door assembly is heavy and fragile at this point, so move slowly and carefully.

While holding the jamb against the wall, open the door at a right angle.

Carefully shim the door in place, keeping the jamb flush against the wall.

Remove the inside two of the four installed short hinge screws.

Drill out those screw holes, and install the long hinge screw supplied with the door, maintaining the jamb flush with the wall. Repeat this for each of the remaining hinges.

Note the door opening reveal and shim the remaining jam

And lintel, so the reveal is even around the entire door.

Shim behind the striped plates, and replace the short screws with long screws.

Apply blue painters to protect the jamb and lintel and insert the supplied backer rod into the gap for the acoustic cop.

Twist and insert the backer rod for wider gaps.

Apply the Acoustic caulk, completely filling the entire gap. Leave no air spaces.

Place the pre-mitered tree frame over the caulked gap to show an even reveal, and attach the trim frame with the supplied screws.

Now, remove the screws, holding the pre-attached frame on the other side of the door, and place it off to the side.

Fill the jamb and lintel gaps with backer rod and apply the Acoustic caulk, again, completely filling the gaps.

Replace the trim frame over the caulked gap to show an even reveal, and replace all the trim frame screws.

Place the door handle levers, spindles and plates on both sides of the door.

Use care with the screw-driver on the powder coating.

Tighten the handle with a hex wrench, then check the latches for any binding.

All three latches should work smoothly.

Now adjust the bolt on the automatic bottom seal, so it contacts the frame plate to lower the seal completely when the door latch is closed. This may take a few tries.

Adjust the side and top seals for a tight fit.

And finally, remove the glue strip covers on the door seal miter trim pieces, and firmly press the top piece first, then the sides into place.

The Soundproof Door is a beautiful addition to any room.

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