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Echo Eliminator™

Bonded Acoustical Cotton Panels

Echo Eliminator, made from bonded acoustical cotton (B.A.C.), is the most cost-effective acoustical absorbing material for echo reducing panels on the market. Its sound absorption capability is the answer to all acoustic treatment needs. It is a high-performance sound panel manufactured from recycled cotton and is ideal for reducing echo and unwanted noise control application. Echo Eliminator can be installed with a variety of methods to accommodate any space to enhance room acoustics and overall sound quality

Achieving optimal sound quality and reducing background noise is more important now than ever. Our sound absorbing panels are designed to address this need, effectively minimizing reverberation and enhancing audio clarity within any setting. Whether for commercial or residential spaces, our acoustic wall panels offer a versatile solution, ensuring a more serene and acoustically balanced environment. By incorporating these sound absorbing panels, users can enjoy significant noise reduction and a more pleasant auditory experience. Our commitment to innovation in sound panel technology reflects our dedication to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of sound quality enhancement and noise control.

Echo Eliminator may be eligible for LEED™ credits, are Class A fire rated, and 100% recyclable. See how Echo Eliminator ’s acoustic panel installation can help you optimize your next project by clicking below.

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