Well/Pool Pump Noise

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I am looking for a product that can be installed in an outdoor environment which is exposed to the weather 365 days per year. I need to deaden the harmonic whine that is emitted from our well pump motor. The dimensions that I have are for 3 walls which are 10′ tall and 12′ long.
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We have two exterior rated acoustical panels. Both of which need a structure or a substrate to support them – they are not free standing. The two products are the Silicon Quilted Curtain and the Sound Silencer. You can click on either product to take you to the specification page on our website. I will briefly explain each.

The most effective panel that we have for exterior sound control is the BBC-T14 or BSC-T25 Silicon Quilted Curtain. These are custom made panels that both absorb and block sound. The panels are fabricated in 48″ or 54″ widths which is normally dictated by the substrate that they are going to attach to. The BBC-T14 panel is made with a nominally 1″ or 2″ thick layer of absorptive fiberglass on one side of an 1/8″ thick, gray, reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl. The fiberglass will absorb the reflective sound inside the enclosure, and the vinyl will stop it from passing through the panel. The gray PVC facing of these panels is impregnated with silicon which not only makes them U.V. stable, but also makes them impervious to the elements. We also use U.V. stable thread and vertical Velcro seams. Grommets are installed across the top, middle, and bottom of each panel to use as mounting points to a structure and the panels connect to one another via the Velcro. Pricing for these panels is dependent on the size and quantity needed, but I usually tell people to use a ballpark pricing of $14.00 per square foot. We have had these panels outside all across the country for 7-8 years and they are not showing any signs of break down.

The other product that works outside is our charcoal Sound Silencer boards. These are pre-fabricated 1″ thick or 2″ thick expanded polypropylene and come in 2′ x 4′ boards. They both absorb and block about half as much sound as the quilted curtain panels. We have recently found that with prolonged exposure to U.V., the polypropylene will start to break down. If your pool pump is in an enclosure, it should not be a problem. The beads that we make the panel from are the same beads that are used to mold the core of a car bumper from – we simply hollow the beads out like a macaroni noodle making them porous and giving the sound somewhere to enter the panel. These boards are typically screwed or glued to their substrate and can be easily field cut with a table saw and a carbide tip wood blade. The ballpark price for these panels is $7.50 per square foot, and there is no minimum quantity to buy.

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