Soundproofing a Noisy Air Handler

C.M. Writes:

I have a large air handler in an industrial area and there is a problem with the noise level that is generated from it. I am interested if you have a sound proofing product that can be applied to it. The unit is suspended from the roof approximately 35′-40′ in the air and has a catwalk around it. It is made of sheet metal and I would request that the product be able to with stand heat.

A few months ago, I designed and fabricated a six sided enclosure for a similar problem in New York. His situation consisted of a Chipotle restaurant on the first floor of an office building, and on the second floor, above the restaurant, was the air handler that sucked the fumes from the stoves up and out of the building. This room created so much noise that the nearby offices were affected.

I used our Acoustical Quilted Curtain panels which were fabricated to the customer’s measurements and supported by a frame that I provided. The customer used threaded rod to hang the frame from the structure, supporting the weight of the enclosure. With an installation like this, it is inevitable that the customer is going to have to do some field fabrication which is really quite easy. Before this project was completed, it was reported that two people standing inside the mechanical room could not have a conversation due to the noise created by the handler. After the enclosure was installed, two people could speak in a normal voice and be understood quite easily.

Absorbtive/Noise Barrier Quilted Curtain Enclosure

Quilted Curtains for Soundproofing

I can probably get you in touch with the construction company that did the installation if you would like a first hand testimonial, so please let me know.

If you would like me to draft a quote, please send me the measurements of the proposed enclosure, and maybe a digital picture or two (if that is allowed). Also, if you want to see a sample of the product, please let me know and I will get one on the way as soon as I can.

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