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Church Gym Sound Problem

“We are looking for some help in recommending and pricing some panels that will help cut down on the echo in our Family Life Center. This room is used for contemporary worship on Sunday morning with live bands. The echo or “slap back” is challenging for the bands. The panels will also need to be able to withstand the occasional basketball hit.” The first thing that I noticed was the physical volume and size of this room. The place is massive […]

Mandatory Green Building Standards Codes Adopted in California

California’s Building Standards Commission unanimously adopted the first in the nation, mandatory Green Building Standards Code (CALGREEN). They have offered a draft of the 2010 California Green Building Standards Code on their website – 2010 California Green Building Standars Code Draft. This code will go into effect on January 1, 2011. The code will require all buildings […]

Residential Sound Problem – A Frame Construction

I would LOVE to own a place like this because of the warm, cabin like feel, and the last thing I want to do is to ruin that with some acoustical treatment so I’ve got a few ideas to throw at you. My goal is to “sneak” paneling into this room so that we can take the “edge off” of the echo/reverberation without changing the look of the room at all, or to make the treatment as inconspicuous as possible. It might be a challenge, but here goes […]

Sound in a Bar

“I have a particular sound issue that I hope you can help me with. I need to dampen the noise in a bar in New York City. The ceilings are 18′ high, but the floors are wood and tile, the ceilings are tin, and the walls are mostly brick.” Eliminating the echo and reverberation is going to be really quite easy, but blocking the sound is always a lot more involved and will require altering the floor/ceiling assembly […]

Acoustical Treatment of Church Overflow Room

It always amazes me when people spend the money to build a room without any regard to the acoustical consequences. This is one such room. This room will be used for overflow congregation from the church and also serve as a gym which will be outfitted with basketball hoops on each end.” For this one, I’ve got a very straight forward approach that has worked in every instance where it was used […]

Dog Boarding Facility Sound Problem/Kennel Acoustics

Dog Kennels. In these types of rooms one will find a handful of similarities, the three most important of which are large rooms, hard surfaces and loud noise sources. Whenever these three things are combined, occupants are going to experience painful headaches and significant discomfort. Treatment is a must […]

Board Room Acoustics

” I could use some recommendations on what is needed to reduce echo in my company board room.” Taking the edge off of the echo in the room is really going to be a pretty easy thing to do because there are a number of product options for you to choose from […]

Classroom Noise Problem

Up until a few years ago, my mother had been the administrator for a few daycares for years and years. I had a pretty good idea in mind as to what you were dealing with in terms of room type, but the images were a good confirmation. Because of my familiarity with your types of business, I have a pretty good idea where you are coming from both visually and aesthetically […]

Quieting/Soundproofing Noisy Pipes

“I am wondering if materials used to insulate/soundproof pipes are made of similar materials? We are looking to soundproof a wall in between our very noisy shower pipes and my daughter’s bedroom.” You mentioned that you are trying to quiet down some “very noisy shower pipes” so for some reason, I assume you are dealing with old-school cast iron pipes. If this is the case, you can actually quiet them down a LOT by securing them in the wall properly […]