Meeting in the Middle: Sound Absorption and Fireproofing in One

Impeccable sound can transform a seemingly humble space into an immersive experience. When rooms sound the way they should, every spoken word lands in a more meaningful way. One of the keys to achieving such an environment is sound absorption. The right materials can ensure that outside noise doesn’t penetrate and clutter the soundscape in the room, while also reducing reflective surfaces within the space from creating reverberated echos.

However, if you are outfitting your home or a common space, safety is undoubtedly one of your top concerns. The security of your family and your visitors is even more important than their comfort or enjoyment.

How do we marry great sound with safety? Thankfully, Acoustical Surfaces has devised many methods for doing just that. We have developed dozens of products that function as world-class sound absorption products and are also Class A fire rated. With any of these products, your space instantly becomes safer and sounds better. Let’s take a look at some of our flagship products that sit right at the intersection of sound absorbing and fireproofing.

CFAB Insulation

CFAB cellulose panels are the perfect “green” alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. These can be left exposed, painted, or covered with drywall to both deaden sound and reduce the risk of fire spread. Unlike other insulation products, CFAB panels contain no airborne chemicals and do not irritate the skin.

Echo Eliminator

Fashioned from recycled cotton, one of the most affordable sound absorption materials on the market, fireproofing Echo Eliminator panels are a space-efficient way to battle reverberating echo in your home or common space. Echo Eliminator ceiling and wall panels are customizable in size, create a neutral and calming aesthetic, and increase the safety of the room with a Class A fire rating.

Fabrisorb Decorative Panels

For a solid sound-absorbing option with a healthy dose of decorative charm, consider Fabrisorb panels for your ceiling and walls. Used by industry-leading professionals in environments such as production studios, Fabrisorb panels are perfect for spaces that require silence. These panels are custom-engineered and rated highly in sound performance and reverberation reduction.

Sound Silencer

The Sound Silencer product is the perfect blend of a high-performance sound reduction tool and a durable, all-purpose architectural material. Designed to withstand indoor or outdoor conditions, Sound Silencer panels are non-fibrous and non-abrasive. This makes them resistant to mold, fungi, and moisture while remaining easily washable. Sound Silencer panels were used to successfully reduce the echo time in a youth gathering space from 3.75 seconds to less than one second.

PolyMax Ceiling and Wall Panels

A simple yet versatile option for designing your space, PolyMax panels can be easily attached directly to the walls and ceiling using Z-clips. Available in a wide variety of color options, these polyester panels are fungal-resistant, non-allergenic, and contain no chemical irritants or formaldehyde. Made of 100% polyester, these panels can also be printed with a variety of images, functioning as an artistic addition to the space while improving its sound and safety.

Silk Metal

Resembling smooth fabric, Silk Metal panels are actually micro-perforated aluminum sound absorption plates. The perforated nature of the panels help achieve the ideal surface to absorb wave energy generated by sound and electromagnetic waves, which serves to both deaden sound and mitigate heat in the space. With an elegant and seamless appearance, Silk Metal panels are a unique way to improve the sound of a room without adding any flammable materials.

In addition to these various sound absorbing and fireproofing solutions, Acoustical Surfaces offers dozens more options that can help create the crisp and safe environment you need. Consult our free resources to learn more about sound dispersion and absorption techniques that our professionals use on a daily basis to help solve real world problems for our clients.

Acoustical Surfaces: Your Complete Sound Absorption Solution

When outfitting your home, workspace, or common area, safety should not come at the expense of practicality or design. As a designer, builder, or architect, your task is often to create a safe environment that looks as great as it sounds: that’s where Acoustical Surfaces comes in. Our professionals will work with you each step of the way, providing insights and advice on everything your project will need: from consultation to final installation.

We leverage our decades of experience in the industry as well as our diverse catalogue of products to provide designers, architects and builders with the solutions they need to create top-notch rooms and environments. Trust Acoustical Surfaces to provide the materials and products for your next sound absorption or fireproofing project. Get in touch with our technicians or browse our product offering by exploring our website today.

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