Your Brain On Sound (AcoGeo)

Your Brain On Sound (AcoGeo) Video Transcript

What’s the FIRST thing you absolutely positively gotta know about acoustics? This should be easy, but it’s not your fault, no one explained it to you.

The first thing you need to know about acoustics is the difference between Soundproofing and Treatments. That’s it. Do you want Less Noise? That means soundproofing. Or Better Sound? That means room treatments.

Soundproofing is a LOT like weatherproofing, which keeps weather OUTSIDE your house, and heating and cooling INSIDE your house. You have to seal all the holes and make sure everything is solid. It’s the same for soundproofing – keep noise OUT, music and movie sound IN.

You can’t do weatherproofing by hanging pictures on the walls; likewise, you can’t do soundproofing by hanging acoustic panels on the walls; you’ve got to plug leaks and solidify everything, so sound stays in and noise stays out.

Some sound leaks are easy fixes, like doors and windows – use our door seal kits or Studio soundproof doors and windows.

But what about air duct vibrations, lightweight walls, thin floors, and light-fixture holes?

Soundproofing means increasing isolation and increasing mass – no holes, dense walls, ceilings, and floors, and isolation from the rest of the building. There are no shortcuts – but we can help. Consider us your soundproofing experts.

OK – that covers less noise – what about better sound? For great-sounding rooms, we need treatment panels inside the room to change hard flat surfaces – walls and ceilings – into sponges and curved surfaces.

Sponges absorb sound energy; they’re called absorbers. Curved surfaces spread out sound energy; they’re called diffusors. The goal is smooth sound everywhere in your room, and that’s exactly what our absorber and diffusor panels do.

Remember – less noise means soundproofing. Better sound means room treatments. Fortunately, Acoustic Geometry [Alt. Acoustical Surfaces] makes the best of both, so you came to the right place!

We can help, just let us know what you want. Less noise, better sound, or both. Go to our website for more info and a lot of resources. Thanks for watching!

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