Sound Silencer Overview

Sound Silencer Overview Video Transcript

What if one type of sound panel could solve many different problems?

Sound Silencer reduces echo with no glass fibers in classrooms, gymnasiums, and locker rooms.

Reduces echo in humid area like ice rinks and swimming pools.

Lowers noise in fiber-sensitive areas like food manufacturing, food preparation, laboratories, and clean rooms.

Reduces sound levels in restaurants, cafeterias, and coffee shops.

Lowers noise in factories and large manufacturing.

Makes acoustics more accurate in auditoriums and recording studios.

Sound Silencer is a lightweight porous panel that blocks AND absorbs sound!

These panels look great anywhere, and install easily on walls and ceilings.

Best of all, Sound Silencer panels are inexpensive.

Class-A fire rated, non-fibrous, easy to clean, moisture-, impact-, bacteria- & fungi-resistant…

It’s your best panel for multiple uses –

Sound Silencer – only from Acoustical Surfaces.

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