Sound Silencer Install

Sound Silencer Install Video Transcript

Method 1: Glue Mounting
-Measure & mark distance to one edge of panel

Measure & mark distance to top of panel

Mark the vertical line with a level

Mark the horizontal line with a level

Panel & Subfloor Adhesive & Spray Adhesive

“X-Plus” glue pattern
Apply Panel & Subfloor Adhesive in X-pattern
Apply Spray Adhesive in between Panel & Subfloor Adhesive lines
DO NOT Overspray Subfloor Adhesive lines!
Spray Adhesive must set for 4 minutes before wall mounting

Align panel edges to side vertical line & top horizontal line
Apply pressure on side & top to set edge adhesive
Apply pressure to set adhesive for remaining area

Adding Panels
Same glue pattern
Align edge side & top with installed panel
Apply pressure at adjoining side edge
Then apply pressure to remaining panel area

Also apply pressure toward seam

Method 2: Screw Mounting
Measure and mark side position

Mark horizontal line with level from previous panel (if applicable)

Mark vertical line with level at measurement

Pre-set screws 2” from sides & corners
Note: decking screws work well

Align panel with side & top marks

Carefully drive in pre-set screws
Set screw heads flush with panel surface

Dark finishing screw also work well driven flush
They blend well

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