Fabric-Wrapped Panel Install

Fabric-Wrapped Panel Install Video Transcript

Rotofast Snap-On Mounting System

Measure and mark distance to side of panel
Measure and mark distance to top of panel

Mark horizontal line with a level

Mark vertical line with a level

Attach T-handle to orange snap anchors, place inside fabric corners, screw into panel until tight
DO NOT over-tighten! Snap anchor collar should be flush on panel
Add red marker plugs after snap anchor is tight
Continue adding snap anchors at each corner

Position panel at side vertical + top horizontal lines
When in place, lightly hit panel at corners to indent wall at marker plugs

Remove marker plugs

Indented marks are wall anchor locations
Screw anchor rachet inserts into wall anchors

Position panel snap anchors at rachet inserts, press firmly into inserts at each corner

Z-clip / Z-bar mounting system

Screw Z-clips into center holes of mounting plates

Place Z-bar to align Z-clips to Z-bar

Add 2nd screw to each Z-clip outside hole

Measure distance from top of panel to bottom of each Z-bar to check parallel alignment

Write measurement distances to transfer to wall

Remove Z-bars

Note measurements of top & bottom Z-bar distances

Mark distances from top line for mounting Z-bars
Mark centers from side line for mounting Z-bars

Mark horizontal lines with a level

Punch center holes for top & bottom wall anchors for Z-bars

Screw in wall anchors for top & bottom Z-bars

Where studs are encountered, use only long screws, without anchors

Screw Z-bars into top & bottom wall anchors

Place panel on Z-bars; press down firmly to seat Z-clips into Z-bars

Adjust & align as needed

Glue / Impaling Clip Method with Panel & Subfloor Adhesive

Measure & mark top horizontal line with level

Measure & Mark side vertical line with level

Measure & mark corner impaler locations approx. 4” from edges (must clear fabric wrap)

Measure & mark center impaler location

Punch center holes for 5 impaler clips at marks

Screw in wall anchors for impalers

Screw impaler clips into wall anchors

“X” Glue Pattern

Carefully place panel over impaler clips, aligned with top & side lines

Carefully push panel onto impaler clips at top corners, center, & bottom corners

Carefully push panel at edges & diagonals to seat glue bead

Fabric-Wrapped Panels offer easy & fast installation, whichever method you choose

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