Envirocoustic Wood Wool Overview

Envirocoustic Wood Wool Overview Video Transcript

Created from two of the most plentiful materials on the planet: Portland Cement & Renewable Wood Fibers.

Envirocoustic Wood Wool Panels

Available in Rectangles and Hexagons

Huge Stock Inventory and CNC-Formed Custom shapes in colors and custom colors!

But what does it do? Sound Absorption!

For example, if your office has chaos, Envirocoustic absorbs noise like voices between partitions.

It’s easy to install with Square Panels and Beveled Edges and consistent dimensions.

Envirocoustic’s many uses include: lobbies, schools, restaurants & bars, gymnasiums, entrances, meeting rooms, and even long hallways.

Best of all, it’s a money saver!

Envirocoustic Wood Wool Panels. Only from Acoustical Surfaces.

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