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Studio Construction Testimonials

In partnership with Mark Wenner of Studio Construction Service, Inc.


John Tesh

John Tesh – Composer, Artist, Los Angeles

“All I wanted was a comfortable atmosphere where I could hear in any part of the room, because when you work alone a lot, you may be at any position in the room. You don’t want to be able to mix from every position, but you at least have to be able to hear. This is basically a synth room – making everything accessible to one person is the most important part of it. That’s basically the project I gave them, and they were able to accomplish it. When we took this latest record to Bernie Grundman (a well known mastering engineer in Los Angeles), he said, ‘Hey! You guys have a flat record here.’ I don’t know how they did it, but they pretty much designed a flat room; at least that’s what the experts are saying.”

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Jim VanHook – Former Chairman and CEO of Provident Music Group;

“All we asked Mark of Studio Construction Service to provide us with, was a design, and to build 2000 sq/ft of demo studio and writer rooms for our publishing company, Provident Music Group. The day it was finished, we started making great records out of here! It’s way beyond our expectations.”

Jim VanHook Studio Design



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Ken Barken –Thirteen Degrees Studio
Thirteen Degrees Studio

“From day one until completion, Mark made our job of building a first rate studio simple. From design to facilitation Studio Construction Service handled every aspect of constructing Thirteen Degrees Studio with extreme attention to every detail. From a raw space Mark designed and developed an incredibly accurate and creatively comfortable studio environment for us, and our clients. We constantly receive kudos for such a terrific room. We have tracked sessions, done overdubs, mixed projects and even mastered projects with point blank accuracy. We are eternally grateful to Mark for his dedication to his craft of studio design and construction.”

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