Soundproofing Hotel Rooms and Saving Your Business from Negative Reviews

Word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of advertising. If people say good things about your business to their friends and families, those friends and family members are more likely to become your customers, too. And now that the internet has made it easier than ever for people to post their opinions of any business they patronize, taking steps to cut off frequent complaints is just good business.

In the hospitality industry, the most frequent complaints from customers are about the noise. The last thing anyone wants when paying for a room is to hear every movie, conversation, and intimate moment from the people staying in the surrounding rooms. And if your establishment is near a busy road or highway? That’s even worse. The best thing you can do for your hotel or motel to improve word of mouth and eliminate the majority of your negative reviews is properly soundproof hotel rooms.

How to soundproof hotel rooms? Watch Your Windows first

Windows and patio doors are absolutely essential to any hotel room, but they allow a lot of noise to come in from the outside. Even double or triple-pane glass aren’t totally viable solutions—they can vibrate because of noise from passing traffic among other sources. Replacing your windows is often only a temporary solution because sound bleeds in through old or poorly maintained window seals. To really make your hotel’s windows soundproof, you’ll need an acoustic window insert. They’re made to fit with any kind of window, and their seals are designed to prevent sound bleed from the outdoors. Most companies will even help your maintenance staff understand how to recognize and repair seal issues. 

soundproof hotel room

No More Wailing Walls

Stopping sound from outside is one thing, but what about noise from other hotel rooms? After all, nothing is worse than trying to fall asleep while the people in the room next to you are having a massive argument or getting…intimate. Or, in the worst case scenario, both. So what can you do to make soundproof hotel rooms? There isn’t one simple answer. To soundproof your rooms, you’ll probably need to launch a big renovation project.

The issue is that dampening sound isn’t the same thing as preventing it from bleeding through to another room. To truly soundproof your hotel, you’ll need to put thicker material in your walls and between floors. Many products can aid in soundproof wall construction, so it’s important to do your research and find what’s right for your building and your budget. 

Finishing Acoustic Touches

Once you’ve made changes to soundproof your hotel rooms, you can focus on making your rooms sound better. After all, video conferencing, calls home, and even recording ad-reads for podcasts aren’t irregular occurrences anymore. By creating an environment with improved acoustics, you can make your guests’ stays at your establishment infinitely better for them. Many companies make acoustic paneling that can be incorporated into the design aesthetic of your rooms to help them look as good as they sound. 

Good Sound, Good Business

The bottom line is that offering soundproof hotel rooms can lead to better reviews from your customers. In addition to drumming up good word-of-mouth and repeat business, taking these steps can help your bottom line by improving your energy costs. That’s because a room that’s insulated from sound bleed will also be insulated against the elements. Whether you take the relatively simple step of insulating your windows and doors or if you go all the way to renovating your establishment to be as soundproof as possible, the results will pay dividends large and small. That sounds pretty good. Doesn’t it?

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