How Acoustics Play A Role In The Value Of A Project

When designing a room, an event acoustic space, or even an entire building, understanding the acoustic demands and needs that space has can be the difference between success and failure in the eyes of the client. Even though this can be a make-or-break component of many projects, it is often overlooked. Acoustical Surfaces looks at some of the ways that acoustics bring value to a project, and why putting them by the wayside is never a good idea. 

Overall Atmosphere

Everyone has experienced a lobby or a meeting room that was loud by nature. Whether that sounds like air conditioning bouncing off the walls, or just a general cacophony of noise whenever there is a gathering, it’s not conducive to a good work environment. When common spaces and meeting rooms are designed with poor acoustics, it can be especially apparent, but any space can suffer from being echoey, loud, or generally inconducive to conversation. 

Optimizing spaces in projects, not only for their look and feel, but for their sound, inherently adds value. No matter how beautiful a space is, if it is distracting and hard to hear, it will drive patrons away. A high-performance acoustical space will attract those who appreciate the ambiance, and find it a pleasant place to be, even though they might not be able to put their finger on exactly why. Noisy and distracting spaces have been proven to have negative effects on physical and mental health. 

Noise Transmission in an Acoustic Space

Nothing detracts from a project’s overall quality like noise where it isn’t wanted. Especially if your project is in a professional office setting, noise transmission through surfaces is often a signifier of either a job well done or shoddy work. Making sure that a project has specific design and soundproofing to help prevent noise transmission between rooms is something that is often equated with quality. From high-rise business complexes to fitness centers, increasing the STC (sound transmission class) and the NRC (noise reduction coefficient) helps to insulate each room against noise bleeding over, and increase patron enjoyment. 

Acoustical Surfaces has a wide selection of products that help improve the STC and NRC scores of respective rooms. From exterior wall and ceiling solutions like WoodWool, PolyMax, and Echo Eliminator, to interior solutions such as Green Glue or other noise isolation products, Acoustical Surfaces can help you stop noise between rooms. Properly outfitting a project to prevent this sound transmission increases the overall value of the project, and helps increase the overall performance of the finished acoustic space. 

Keep Outdoor Sound Where It Belongs

The inherent value of buildings and structures lies in their ability to shield occupants from outdoor factors. While some of the more tactile examples, and certainly the ones that are immediately apparent, are shelter from weather and temperature, sound is valuable as well. Think of the best museums or movie theaters that exist; part of the quality of that acoustic space is the way that they sound. An acoustically treated and optimized space almost makes patrons feel as if they have stepped into an entirely different world. That is the feeling that should be worked towards to infuse another level of quality and detail into your next project. 

This aspect is especially important for designers and architects that work in urban settings. The noise of a city can be incredibly loud, and difficult to keep out. Working with soundproofing solutions that not only absorb and diffuse the inside noise, but soundproof the space from external sources, helps to build a better finished product. 

Reduce Building Noise

Beyond providing shelter and a space to gather, buildings provide comfort. This is brought about through climate control, electricity, and other large mechanical systems that live within the building and walls. While everyone enjoys the comfort these systems provide, they don’t enjoy the noise that comes along with them. Ventilation ducts, large pumps for water, pipes, and a variety of other things can be distracting and noisy, leading to complaints. Add value to your project by targeting these hidden sources of noise, and deploying specific soundproofing solutions to ensure that what is unseen stays unheard by patrons and inhabitants of your next project. 

Work With Soundproofing Experts Acoustical Surfaces For Your Next Project

Make sure you are getting the most value possible from your next project by utilizing the very best soundproofing products. Acoustical Surfaces has been providing industry-leading soundproofing solutions for decades. With depth of experience, and a customer-focused team, we can help you outfit your next project from top to bottom so there is quality in craftsmanship across look, feel, build, and sound. Visit our website today to see our entire collection of soundproofing materials, and request a quote today.

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