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Public Corridor Echo Problem

“I am writing to find out your suggestions on how to reduce an echo problem that exists in a mall office public corridor. We are experiencing a big problem with echoes in the mall office public corridor. The office corridor is 138′ long by 8′ wide by 10′ tall. The flooring consist of quarry tile and the walls and ceiling are a drywall painted finish.” Most of the rooms that I am asked to help treat have much different dimensions – most are square or rectangular – much more so than this giant corridor. I would absolutely love to get some panels into the space to see how the number and placement of panels affects the acoustic of the room […]

Noisy Air Conditioner

Every spring, as soon as the weather starts to warm up we take more and more calls from people who are looking for the same thing – how to quiet a noisy air conditioning condenser. Especially in the early spring the noise from the condensers is troublesome because some people are running the AC while other people have their windows open. The constant drone of the machine can even be bothersome enough to drive neighbors to their breaking point

Livingroom Echo Problem

Residential acoustics are always a little bit tricky because of the aesthetic that a room needs to maintain. Taking the echo out of the room is easy, but making the panel installation look intentional is generally the catch […]

Soundproofing a Ceiling

Soundproofing a ceiling can be a little tricky, especially in an apartment. Typically speaking, when you are trying to block sound, you need to either increase the amount of mass between the two spaces or interrupt the hard surface to hard surface contact from one space to the other […]

Restaurant Noise Problem

“The restaurant is in Haines Alaska, so we have limited products available for sound suppression. At the lumber store we have 4 x 8 sheets of 1/2″ sound barrier – which I was going to make batons on the back and hang from eye-hooks in ceiling – with about 2.5″ between ceiling and sound board. Any other kind of advice? Should I be looking for a much better, more specific product – one that would come from the lower 48?” I don’t think that the sound barrier will do much good for you, you need to get some “soft” surfaces into the space to help […]

Quieting a Noisy Restaurant

Almost all restaurants, even fast food restaurants, are set up an furnished in relation to the menu. The surfaces that make up the interior of the restaurants do not only need to maintain a certain aesthetic, but they need to be cleanable to maintain a sanitary environment, it is very rare to very much see carpet and carpet pad in a restaurant. This is where the acoustical problems start […]

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

I have been getting a lot of calls lately where people are looking to soundproof a room. There are two sides of the acoustical coin, if you will. There are products that absorb echo within a room and there are products that will block or stop a sound […]

Soundproofing a Condo

“We have a beach condo that is an open floor plan – there’s a main space across the front that is all windows, wood floors and then drywall – when a movie is on the whole condo can hear is. If we’re in there talking, the kids’ pinball and pool games take over. Wondering about creating a track across the back with sound dampening curtains so that in those cases we can block off the room and otherwise it can be open for the views […]”

Soundproofing a Noisy Air Handler

“I have a large air handler in an industrial area and there is a problem with the noise level that is generated from it. I am interested if you have a sound proofing product that can be applied to it.” A few months ago, I designed and fabricated a six sided enclosure for a similar problem in New York […]