Construction in the City: Quieter Solutions for Coexistence

Construction continues in earnest around the globe as cities spring back to life. Project leaders and administrators face a difficult balance between improving our communities’ infrastructure and keeping noise pollution at a minimum. Oftentimes, it is hard to find that middle ground. 

In fact, studies show that noise pollution from construction affects not only those working on the roads and developments but also the surrounding communities and even the local wildlife

Excessive noise in neighborhoods can lead to disturbances in sleep patterns and in some cases can worsen mental health in children and adults. As such, noisy construction, however necessary, can cause rifts in communities, which is why taking practical precautions is imperative. Luckily, taking such precautions may be easier than you think. 

Adding sound-absorbing barriers to your construction site is a simple yet effective solution to minimizing noise complaints. 

Consider the benefits of adding sound-absorbing solutions to your worksite: 

  1. Protects the health and hearing of the construction workers by dampening sound.
  2. Improves the relationship between the community and construction crews by respecting the neighborhood environment.
  3. Promotes the community’s health by allowing children and families to be outside without being disturbed by construction noise.

Construction is necessary for improving the quality of life of our communities. When we reduce noise pollution in our construction sites, the workers, neighbors, and the environment can better coexist.

When you’re setting up your next construction project, consider reaching out to discuss sound-absorbing options for your site.

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