Echo Eliminator™ Panels by Acoustical Surfaces

Echo Eliminator™ Panels by Acoustical Surfaces is the most cost-effective and high-performance acoustical absorbing material on the market. Also known as Bonded Acoustical Cotton (B.A.C.), this product is manufactured from recycled cotton, and has the perfect configuration for noise reduction and noise control applications. 

Echo Eliminator™ Panels are perfect for schools and other public venues because, unlike some products, they don’t contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or formaldehyde. Additionally, they hold a Class-A fire rating and are fungi/mold/mildew resistant. 

These materials are incredibly easy to install, taking just minutes to bond to walls as acoustical panels or to suspend as hanging baffles throughout a room.

Echo Eliminator being used in a large open practice space, for sale at Acoustical Surfaces.

Variety Meets Functionality

Absorbing noise and reducing echo within a large space can be a tall order for a builder or contractor. The Echo Eliminator™ Panels by Acoustical Surfaces offers a high noise-reduction coefficient (NRC) in order to reduce the volume and echo in a room. 

The thinner, one-inch Echo Eliminator™ Panels panels are perfect for rooms where discerning speech may be a common issue. If music or other low tones are present, upgrading to the 2-inch thick panels is advisable. With a variety of sizes, thickness, and color options, the Echo Eliminator™ Panels materials can be customized to the needs of your project. 

Proven Performance with Echo Eliminators 

Echo Eliminator™ Panels doesn’t just put up good numbers in the lab, though. When put to the test, our clients are satisfied with the smooth performance and aesthetically pleasing options available through the Echo Eliminator™ Panels line. 

One example of this is Studio bau:ton in Los Angeles, run by Bruce Botnick, famed ‘Doors’ engineer. When he was looking to build a space to invite artists to record music, the feel of the space both visually and acoustically was important to him. He chose to use both Echo Eliminator™ Panels and Sound Silencer™ products when building the studio and curating an acoustic environment. 

Different thicknesses and colors of Echo Eliminator products, for sale at Acoustical Surfaces.

Quality Materials From Acoustical Surfaces with Echo Eliminators 

From school practice rooms and gymnasiums to warehouses and stadiums, installing echo reducing panels is a quality, cost-effective approach to sound control

At Acoustical Surfaces, we believe in providing the highest quality materials for commercial contractors and builders. Our materials are high-value, high-performance, and easy to install. We pride ourselves on being some of the industry’s foremost experts on soundproofing, acoustics, noise control, and vibration control. 

Acoustical Surfaces offers a comprehensive line of products and services for any commercial acoustic or soundproofing project. To find out more about Acoustical Surfaces, or to browse our materials and products, visit our website here

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