Construction Noise Control – Solutions for Controlling Sound from Construction Sites

Construction Noise ControlAs anyone near a construction site can attest, the grating, ongoing noise produced by jackhammers, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment can get on your nerves quickly, especially when you’re trying to work or sleep. Thankfully, construction noise control solutions have advanced to the point where noise can be curbed significantly, most notably due to the recent introduction of the Echo Barrier H2 noise control panel.

Designed to latch on to all types of temporary fencing, the sound absorbing Echo Barrier H2 has led to improvements for every significant party affected by construction site noise. Construction companies have found that the reduced noise has resulted in fewer complaints, which in turns enhances their reputation and standing in the communities in which it builds.

The Echo Barrier H2 is also durable and longlasting, allowing construction sites to stay open later than normal and resulting in improved timescale and costs. The Echo Barrier H2 dramatically improves working conditions on construction sites as well. The pads are light to carry and quick to install. Most importantly, it means workers aren’t bombarded with excessive noise all day, leading to increased focus and productivity.

For residents, noise control benefits are more obvious. Less noise means less interruption of daily life, and a more pleasant living experience near construction sites.

More information about construction noise control solutions, including images and technical specifications, can be found on the Acoustical Surfaces Echo Barrier H2 web page.

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