Restaurant Acoustics: Noise Control, Reduction & Acoustic Panels

Noisy RestaurantA loud and disruptive restaurant environment can pose several problems, including customer frustration and mis-communication with servers. Most veteran diners have had an experience where it was easier hearing the couple three tables away than the person across from them — and unless you’re at a nightclub the experience is frequently viewed negatively.

Creating good restaurant acoustics offer a more pleasing environment as restaurant noise reduction is achieved. This can happen quickly and easily through the use of restaurant acoustic panels.

Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels – Edge OptionsDepending on the size and structure of your space, we offer wall-mounted acoustical wall panels and acoustical ceiling hung baffles that work wonders for restaurant noise reduction. Both of these products are architecturally decorative and come in a variety of custom colors to complement rather than detract from the aesthetics of your space.

Whisperwave Hanging Baffles - Horizontal

Sometimes a unique space requres a unique product. Re-purposing non-traditional spaces for restaurants is often desirable but can lead to a nightmare of restaurant noise control issues. Many times the most desirable spaces have extremely high ceiling and are one large open space. In these cases WHISPERWAVE® is a great solution. WHISPERWAVE products are easy to install and come in a variety of stock and custom colors upon request. Designed for large open spaces, these restaurant acoustic panels provide exceptional noise control across all frequencies.

Taking the time to improve your restaurant’s acoustics will be appreciated by all. Guests will know they can enjoy a pleasant dinner without worrying about noise. The thoughtfulness and effort you put into your restaurant’s sound environment will be noticed and appreciated.

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