Poly Max™ Acoustical Wall And Ceiling Panels by Acoustical Surfaces

Choosing the right acoustic material for your next project, whether that be a movie theater or building a new storefront, is critical. High-performance acoustic material can mean the difference between people having a difficult time hearing each other and diners that are impressed by the ambiance of a space. Poly Max ™ acoustical wall and ceiling panels by Acoustical Surfaces provide high-quality noise-reduction solutions.

Poly Max™ acoustical wall and ceiling panels are polyester fabric acoustical panels that offer a variety of different solutions and benefits to fit a wide spectrum of projects. These panels are non-allergenic, non-toxic, and chemical-irritant free, putting the safety of those that interact with the finished project first. These panels are also lab-tested to be fungal resistant.

Poly Max™ acoustical wall and ceiling panels offer a significant amount of acoustical performance, are extremely customizable, and can be used as an aesthetic accent to the space or blend into the décor. Additionally, these panels are made without the use of formaldehyde, without binding agents, are Class A fire rated, and are impact resistant. Poly Max™ panels contain 60% polyethylene terephthalate recycled content and are manufactured in different colors and thicknesses to suit different aesthetic and absorption requirements.

Beyond all of the technical specifications, Poly Max ™ is a great choice for your next project because of its value. Poly Max™ has incredible absorption qualities, and can’t be beaten on price per square foot for its performance. Additionally, Poly Max™ panels have a crisp, clean look, and standard sizes and colors can be ready to ship within days without having to navigate long lead times. Read more about what Poly Max™ has in store, and how it can help your next project, below.

Where To Use Poly Max™

Because of the incredible acoustic performance of Poly Max™ acoustical wall and ceiling panels, this material has a wide range of applications. From ceiling solutions that can help with large areas with lots of echoes and reverberation to smaller more comfortable settings, Poly Max™ provides architects and designers with a versatile material that can be hidden for “aesthetically subtle“ acoustical performance or displayed prominently as part of the aesthetic. Poly Max™ comes in several different colors and thicknesses to best suit the needs of each project. Our half-inch thickness panels come in the widest selection of core material color and can be custom cut with our precision tooling to offer unique and exciting shapes and patterns.  We stock our one-inch and two-inch thick (4’x8’) panels in three standard color choices (white, beige, and black) and these too can be factory cut to size and shipped as needed.

Poly Max™ Ceiling Solutions

  • Drop-In Ceiling Tile: These Poly Max™ tiles are cut to standard sizes for drop-in ceilings and offer a smooth, clean and consistent surface texture and great acoustical performance. Standard sizes are 23-¾” X 23-¾” and  23-¾” X 47-¾”. These tiles are also available in custom sizes up to 48” X 96” in ½” and 1” thickness.
  • Ceiling Panels: Poly Max™ ceiling panels also offer great absorption. Ceiling panels can be direct mounted to the structure with adhesive, our two-part clip system, or with screws. These panels are available in 48” X 96” as well as factory cut custom sizes in ½”, 1” and 2” thicknesses, each with its corresponding NRC rating.
  • Baffle: Poly Max™ Baffles are products that are installed in large rooms with high ceilings to reduce the echo and reverberation time and make the space more comfortable and easy to use. Poly Max™ baffles are available in sizes up to 4×8, in 1” and 2” thicknesses. 1” panels can have grommets installed through the baffle as a mounting location. Both thicknesses can have drywall anchors installed along one edge.  These anchors accept small, standard eye screws for a mounting location.
  • Cloud: Clouds are similar to baffles, but hang parallel to the ground as opposed to perpendicular. These products provide the same safety and noise reduction qualities but clouds are only available in 1”and 2” thicknesses. They have similar standard dimensions and have customized sizes up to 48” X 96”. Cloud panels have epoxy/resin spots factory installed prior to shipping as an attachment point for a standard, customer-supplied T-grid.  The T-grid is back-screwed into the epoxy and offers a simple and cost-effective way to hang the Poly Max™ clouds.

Poly Max™ Wall Solutions

  • Wall Panels: Poly Max™ Wall Panels provide the same acoustical performance and noise-reducing properties of ceiling panels, with dimensions and hardware to install on the walls of your next project. This can be achieved through direct attachment, adhesive material, or z-clips, for simple installation that will save time and hassle while implementing. Poly Max™ Wall Panels have the same standard dimensions as ceiling panels, with custom sizes available up to 48” X 96”.

Poly Max™ Offers Versatility

Another reason that Poly Max™ stands out from the rest is its versatility through customization. At Acoustical Surfaces, we know that standard size panels do not work for every application and often, jobs will require customized shapes, colors, and sizes for the right look and acoustics for the space. With Poly Max™, architects and designers can rest assured that the professional team at Acoustical Surfaces will work with them to meet both of these important criteria for the space.

Color and finish are both extremely important.  Acoustical Surfaces offers our half-inch thick Poly Max™ in eleven standard colors: red, white, orange, lime, blue, purple, beige, tan, silver, black, and gray. White panels can be further customized with custom printed images applied directly on the panels. These options provide the ability for our Poly Max™ to either blend in and provide “stealthy” noise-reduction, or match with the overall look of the project to be a part of the décor.

Because Poly Max™ has such versatility in application as well as look, there are many uses and roles that it can fulfill on a project of any size. From restaurants to gymnasiums, when you need a safe, sturdy, and high-performance acoustical solution, Poly Max™ is the right choice. Plus with simple installation, contractors will love the time and effort that the panels save, and you will love the performance that they bring to your project.

Quality Materials From Acoustical Surfaces

Poly Max™ is just one of the many solutions that Acoustical Surfaces offers in order to help you plan your next project, whether it be a small restaurant or a large concert venue. We have the knowledge, materials, and experience to help you find the perfect acoustical solutions.

At Acoustical Surfaces, Inc., we believe in providing the highest quality materials for commercial contractors and builders. Our materials are high-value, high-performance, and easy to install. We pride ourselves on being some of the industry’s foremost experts on soundproofing, acoustics, noise control, and vibration control.

Acoustical Surfaces offers a comprehensive line of products and services for any commercial acoustic or soundproofing project. To find out more about Acoustical Surfaces, or to browse our materials and products, visit our website here https://www.acousticalsurfaces.com/.

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