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Specifications subject to change with out notice.

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Acoustical Wall Panels


Decorative Fabric Wrapped Custom Acoustical Wall Panels
  • High Performance
  • Architecturally Decorative
  • Custom Engineered & Manufactured
  • Reduced Noise & Reverberation
  • 100% Custom Colors and Sizes

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MATERIAL: 6 lb. density glass fiber with woven fabric and micro-perforated vinyl facings.
PATTERN: Flat-faced with square or radiused corners, beveled, radiused or mitered edges.
FEATURES: Custom designed and manufactured to meet every need. Flat or curved panels. Soft or hard edges
APPLICATIONS: Offices, schools, meeting rooms, music rooms, hotels, auditoriums, recording studios, broadcasting studios. Any space where good speech privacy or speech intelligibility is important.
THICKNESS: 1″, 1-1/8″, 2″, 2-1/8″
SIZES: Custom Up to 4′ × 10′
COLORS: A wide range of standard colors and custom colors are available for woven fabrics and perforated vinyls.
FLAMMABILITY: ASTM E84, Class A. Flame Spread: 15; Smoke Developed: 40
INSTALLATION: Adhesive, Hook & Loop Fasteners, Mechanical Clips, Impaling Clips, magnetic clips, splines.
Note: If using E.C. clips to mount these panels to the ceiling, the installer must use construction adhesive on each clip so the clips do not slide apart. It is also advised to toe-nail the panel into place, or use trim around the perimeter to make sure that the clips adhere together correctly.
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Product Testing and Information
Testimonials Acoustical Tests Materials Safety Data Sheet Flammability Tests
Installation Instructions Product Photos Miscellaneous Data
Absorptive Panel
High performance absorption.
High Impact Panel
Absorptive in high traffic areas.
Reflective Panel
For combined use in Studios for absorption and reflection.
Mineral Core Panel
Multi-purpose panel for absorption and sound blocking
Abuse Resistant Panel
For gymnasiums, absorption and abuse resistance.
Tackable Panel
For long lasting and effective tackability.
Hi-Tack Panel
High absorption and tackability
Tackable Panel
Tackability where sound absorption is not necessary.
Noise Barrier Panel
Barricade vinyl barrier, ideal for areas requiring high STC.

Fabrisorb™ Wall panel – Sound Absorption Coefficients
6-7 PCF Glass Fiber 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz NRC
1″ .14 .27 .80 1.11 1.14 1.14 .85
2″ .22 .81 1.24 1.30 1.21 1.16 1.15

Fabric Wrapped Panel Square Edge Fabric Wrapped Panel Radius Edge
Square Radius
Fabric Wrapped Panel Bevel Edge Fabric Wrapped Panel Half Bevel Edge
Bevel Half Bevel

Impaling Clip Installation
Note: In the pictures below, the adhesive necessary for permanent installation is not shown.
Put a bead of PSA-29 panel adhesive around the perimeter of the back of the panel – approx ¼″ bead, as well as a few locations on the back of the panel that will touch the wall between the impaling clips.
Glue or Screw Impaling Clip to Wall Align Panel and Impaling Clip Press Impaling Clip Into Panel Press Panel onto Impaling Clip
Glue or screw impaling clip to the wall and allow to dry completely. Align panel and impaling clips so that impaling clip touches the fiberglass rather than the fabric wrapped around the back of the panel. Begin to press impaling clips into the back of the panel. Press panel all the way onto the impaling clip so the panel is touching the wall making sure that the panel is pressed completely on to each of the impaling clips.
  Impaling Clip Fabric Panel Installation Fabric Panel Install Imapling Clip Impaling Clip in Fabric Wrapped Panel

Mechanical Clip (E.C. Clips/E.Z. Clips) Installation
Wall bar attaches to wall with standard screws (provided by others). The panel clip will be screwed into hardened epoxy spots on the backs of the panels. Please note that due to the clips there will be a small space between the structure and the panel.  
Note: If panels are being installed overhead, it is advised to use PSA29 adhesive to ensure that the clips do not slide apart.

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