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WallMate CTS Testimonial - FBCA


First Baptist Atlanta Acoustical Treatment

The gymnasium at First Baptist Atlanta presented some serious acoustical challenges. The task was to turn a typical basketball gym into a musical worship space. To do this, CTS Audio chose the WallMate product from Acoustical Surfaces. This system allowed a blend of different acoustical materials into the room in a manner seamless to the eye. Before the acoustical treatment was applied, the room was hardly intelligible for even basic face-to-face conversation. After the application of the treatment, 300 students could rock out to a Sunday morning worship service as if in a concert venue. The installation of the WallMate system was straightforward, even when encountering obstacles such as doorways and emergency lights. We were able to cut the track just like door molding and created perfect 90-degree bends with no sag in the acoustical fabric. This lent a very professional look to the end result. After a year of operation, the whole system has held up admirably to the rigors of flying basketballs and other sporting activity. CTS Audio is currently working with another gymnasium turned worship space and is again using the WallMate system along with other acoustical products from Acoustical Surfaces for their ease of use, professional look, and the results they deliver.