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The Shops at Lake Havasu

Hi Ted,

We’ve installed the acoustical panels on the corridor hallway ceiling and the early report we’ve gotten from operations and our superintendent on the job is that they’ve made a noticeable difference in reducing the echo and reverberation. I don’t believe the owner has toured the facility since they were installed and he’ll be the deciding vote of course, but so far it appears that the panels are doing the job as advertised. As more wall décor and plants are added we expect the sound levels to diminish more. I’ve attached some photos of the panels installed as requested. 

Thank you very much for your help with selecting the panels and your assistance in facilitating a solution to our sound problems. We found your service and expertise to be invaluable in terms of helping us understand the cause and cure to the excess noise. Have a wonderful Holiday!


Dan Perkins

Project Manager – Pre-Construction Services


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