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Studio 1414

After moving into a new design studio in 2005, the Worrell product development team quickly discovered that the acoustics in various parts of the building were hit or miss. In particular, a few conference rooms and offices produced an overbearing echo that made conference call dialogue a bit difficult to understand.

Ted at Acoustical Surfaces helped us put together a package of Echo Eliminator panels that allowed us to customize a solution to significantly improve the acoustics of our spaces while maintaining the current aesthetic of the creative workspace. The Echo Eliminator panel’s design allowed us to creatively customize their size and placement, making an artistic statement while solving our acoustical challenges throughout the studio.
Since installing the panels we’ve enjoyed a discernable difference in the acoustic quality of our conference rooms and offices, creating better phone clarity as well as cleaner sound for video presentations and other audio playback. We would definitely recommend these panels to other organizations for their workspaces, and give an additional nod to Acoustical Surfaces for their great service helping to create a customized solution.