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Steve Seidel

Sound Silencer panels improve sound quality for residential media room

By Ted Weidman

Acoustical Surface’s Sound Silencer P.E.P.P. (Porous Expanded Polypropylene) acoustical bead board recently helped a Michigan family get a much better sound quality from their home media electronics.

I received a call from Steve Seidel one afternoon after his son Carl passed along some samples that I had sent him.  The sample package included a two inch thick piece of our white Sound Silencer acoustical panel and the corresponding literature.  When Mr. Seidel called, he spoke knowledgably about acoustics and seemed to understand what he needed in terms of absorption for the media room in his house, as well as the aesthetic that he wanted to maintain.

Mr. Seidel enjoyed the look and the feel of the Sound Silencer panels and wanted to see what I thought about his proposed installation.  His first installation idea was to cover the back wall of his home media room completely with the Sound Silencer.  He was going to butt-joint the panels to cover the wall completely, but didn’t know what to do with the outside edge of the room which would be exposed.  He asked about some kind of trim that could be placed on the corner to hide the edge, or possibly beveling them himself.

Budget is a limiting factor in daily life, and purchasing panels to completely cover the wall began to get out of the budget that Steve had set for the solution.  I explained to Mr. Seidel that if the panels were furred out (or stood off) from the wall that their absorption rate would increase and he might not need as many panels to get equal absorption.  Steve thought about this for a few days and called me back to place the order.  I could tell that he already had the entire installation planned out in his mind.  I asked him about it briefly and after his explanation, I was excited to see the room once they were installed.

In this situation, due to a very creative and simple installation, a few panels of our Sound Silencer greatly improved the acoustical experience of a home media room.  I asked Steve to explain this in his own words which can be found in his testimonial.

A simple solution on a budget.

Ted Weidman

Acoustical Surfaces Inc.