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Acoustical Materials Performance vs. Cost Effectiveness

Which acoustical products are the best values for the money?

Echo Eliminator™ Bonded Acoustical Cotton is the best noise control value for the money and the safest alternative for the environment. Excellent noise reduction for room acoustics.

The sound absorbing performance of Echo Eliminator is generally comparable to fiberglass and even demonstrates a slight acoustical advantage. In the area of costs, Echo Eliminator has a distinct advantage insofar as it can be used as a finished product in its basic form that may not require an additional decorative covering. Fiberglass acoustical core materials on the other hand, requires additional facing materials in most cases for aesthetics and to protect and contain the fragile glass fibers. Echo Eliminator is available in eight colors, where as fiberglass is a drab yellowish color.

Echo Eliminator is a recycled and recyclable tough cotton fiber composite with a Class A Flame spread rating, tested in accordance with ASTM E-84. Echo Eliminator is impact and abuse resistant, lightweight, easy to install and handle and requires no special precautions or labeling to protect installers from topical skin irritations. Echo Eliminator is an environmentally friendly, LEED™ credit eligible, green product.

The following performance and cost comparisons of Echo Eliminator compared to other commonly used acoustic panels to reduce echo reveals that Echo Eliminator demonstrates superior value when compared to the various costs of other acoustical materials used in architectural acoustics.

Echo Eliminator Bonded Acoustical Cotton vs. Fiberglass

While 2″ fabric covered fiberglass demonstrates similar acoustical performance to 2″ Echo Eliminator, the relative cost of the fabric covered Fiberglass panel is more than 3 times as much. Echo Eliminator is a cost-effective, environmental and people safe, alternative to fabric covered fiberglass acoustical panels.

Echo Eliminator Bonded Acoustical Cotton vs. Melamine Foam

1″ Melamine Foam acoustical panels cost more than 1″ Echo Eliminator panels but only provide half as much acoustical absorption. Fabric covered 2″ Melamine panels on the other hand, can cost almost 2-1/2 times as much. Thus Echo Eliminator compares very favorably from a cost performance perspective. 2″ Echo Eliminator costs 25% (40% if painted) less than melamine foam but also provides 25% more acoustical performance. Echo eliminator is also much more durable than melamine.

Echo Eliminator Bonded Acoustical Cotton vs. Cementitious Wood Fiber Board

Cementitious Wood Fiberboard (CWF) is generally considered to be an impact and abuse resistant acoustical material. When applied directly to walls however, its acoustical performance is very low. While the acoustical performance can be improved dramatically with the addition of fiberglass behind it, the increase in cost significantly surpasses the cost of 1″ Echo Eliminator applied directly to the wall. Echo Eliminator is a user friendly, non-abrasive and non-shedding, Class A high performance acoustical absorber that weighs 80% less than Cementitious Wood Fiberboard, and sheds no potentially dangerous debris upon impact. Echo Eliminator, eight color options eliminate painting costs associated with CWF.

Echo Eliminator Hanging Acoustical Ceiling Baffles

A cost-effective solution for durable, abuse resistant Acoustical Baffles with high performance noise reducing characteristics. No handling or environment issues as with fiberglass.