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Climate Seal – Acoustical Skylight: San Jose, CA

Climate Seal™ Acoustical Window Inserts, Exceed Owners Expectations!

Our house is in an older, urban neighborhood in San Jose, California, which means that environmental noise is ever-present. Since we moved in 5 years ago, the challenge has been to create a quieter space in the master bedroom, which is part of an addition that was put on 15 years ago. The room has lighter construction than the original house, 3 good-sized windows, and a skylight. Boy, does that skylight channel noise! Short of closing it up, we found no good options until we came across the Climate Seal insert.

We ordered an insert to fit the skylight opening. The cost was very reasonable, and the installation was easy. The insert hangs very securely even though it’s upside down. The acrylic is clear and shows no cloudiness whatsoever. The room feels just a little warmer (nice for the winter), and we haven’t seen any condensation. Best of all, the insert has stopped the noise that used to come through the skylight. After living with the panel for about 8 weeks now, we can definitely say that the results exceeded our expectations. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this application to anyone else who is looking to solve a skylight noise problem.
S. DeMars, San Jose CA