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Residential Poly Max Ceiling Panels


When we designed and finished our basement we did not put any thought into the materials that we were choosing. We quickly discovered that all of the surfaces were extremely sound reflective. We had a terrible echo problem due to the fact that there was no sound absorbing materials in our basement. Anytime there were more than 4 or 5 people present, it was difficult to have conversations. The reverberation from voices was so loud that everyone would shout over top of each other leaving me with a headache. I did not enjoy my basement and I did not look forward to large gatherings. I was desperate for a solution and willing to try anything.

Once I received the Poly Max panels I installed them on my ceilings. There was an instant difference. That weekend I hosted my daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party; approximately 40 people gathered in the basement at the same time throughout the day. The basement was as loud as you would expect it to be, but everyone was able to carry on with their personal conversations without any echoing or noise congestion. My family and friends also noticed the improvement that the sound panels were making.

Thank you”
Joanna R

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