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R & RL Neoprene Machine Leveling Mounts

Unsolvable Noise and Vibration Problem — SOLVED with Isolation Feet!

Our drafting department offices are sharing a wall with our high-volume woodshop next door. Their usage of a large table saw produced a large amount of vibrational noise that was disturbing the work of our office staff. Failing attempts were made to reduce the sound with curtains and other materials, but the noise was still very present. Kyle was tasked to find a solution that would reduce the noise transmission through the foundation of the building and offer our staff some relief from the monotonous sounds. His answer was isolation feet that could hold the weight of the large table saw and reduce vibrations into the ground. This greatly reduced the noise and allows the staff to work without the disturbance. Kyle provided us with a great solution with fast results at a low cost.

Russ H.
Hamilton Cellars LLC