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The Echo Eliminator panels were put up. As we put the panels up on one side we noticed that the echo gradually shifted to the other side. By the time they were all up we really felt so much better in the space. Before they went up the space made me feel uncomfortable, I just could not stand to be there too long. Not sure how to explain it, but it just did not feel comfortable, and I think that sense was coming from the echoey chamber feeling the space gave. After we had some of the panels up, I felt myself relax, and by the time they were all up the space was comfortable, and I knew I wouldn’t have trouble working there for several hours at a time. When we called out before the panels went up, the echo was awful. When we completed the project there was no echo. The other great thing about the panels was how easy there were to put up, it could not have been easier, the walls are corrugated steel (extremely wavy and uneven) and we were worried that the panels would not stick, but no problem, we put the Liquid Nails down the protruding spines of the walls and the panels just grabbed and stayed perfectly.

I am so glad I found you and your company and your wonderful product. Saved us time, aggravation, and lots of money. You made us all smile.
Thanks again,

Alison Keenan