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Portable Panels

Custom, Portable Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels SOLVED Sound Problem!

ASI Specialist Mike received a call from a customer who said they had underperforming issues with their 2-channel listening environment. The system lacked definition, staging, imaging, focus and tonal balance. These are common problems in spaces that do not have proper acoustical treatments. The customer had very expensive speakers and electronics and they were not achieving the expected performance.

I carefully looked at the project and noticed that the proper remedy was to control the first reflections within the listening room which also was a living space. Since it was also a living space we had major hurdles to overcome regarding the aesthetics of the space. The customer suggested he wanted a portable solution that can be moved in and out of the room during critical listening. I was able to design a custom solution for him that would cater to improving the performance while maintaining the portability as requested by the customer.

The custom solution I recommended was (2) of our 3″ thick fabric wrapped fiberglass panels with metal painted frames that have folding legs which can easily be moved into a closet while not in use. The panels were to be placed on the first reflections within the listening room. I also suggested the customer use additional panels at the ceiling reflections for increased sonic improvement within the space. The customer decided to try a pair of custom framed panels first and then he may add the ceiling panels at a later time.

Once the customer had received the custom panels I recommended he wrote the following:

Well, you were right, the custom designed, free-standing sound panels arrived yesterday. First of all, they look great and they certainly have mass. Second, once I positioned them at the first points of reflection (per your instructions) the sound of my system changed as I had hoped. The imaging has become clear; the glare is gone and I am now able to hear what my system can deliver (and I am learning that it’s a lot!).

I will now be ready to spec the [cosmetically] discrete panels for the ceiling. I am still amazed at the time you spent with me and on this project to get it right. And, I want you to know – you did.